The good stuff

Here's some good stuff from this week so far:

1. Obama fanfare.

I'm sure you've seen a slew of fabulous Obama posts by now, but this one is my absolute favorite so far. In fact her blog is one of my favorites as well. Not just because I know her personally and have a long list of stories I'd like to tell about her, but that doesn't hurt.

2. A rather perfect stack of new fabric to play with.
3. A 1930's set of Singer sewing manuals for $1.
(5 books in pristine condition including the original box)
4. Local produce in my grocery store in the middle of January.
5. A happy basket of birds just about ready to fly away to their new home.
(my first wholesale order going to a boutique in Santa Cruz)
6. A new box of business cards.
7. A new addiction to yarn and knitting needles. This might not be good since I'm already staying up way too late perfecting my rib stitch skills. But it's fun! I have completed a scarf for Hadley and myself. I've started a pair of fingerless gloves and a pair of socks. I don't expect to finish the socks for a long time.


  1. Oh, man! Good things all around. Love the mundane jane post, LOVE the new business cards (please send me one stat), and knitting -- oh, it doesn't get better! Ever!


  2. Good stuff indeed! The basket of birds is just too sweet, and the knitting? HOORAY!

  3. That is all good stuff! Cute new cards. I need to fancy mine up a bit, but at this point I'm happy just to have some! :D

    I wish I had a basket full of birds. I've been entering for cute birdy give aways this morning, and now I want some to fly into my life!

  4. I love all of that new fabric to play with--I can't wait to see what you make!

  5. i just got some local apples at paul's too. pretty tasty! all lovely stuff, friend. especially that stack of fabrics. can't wait to see what you do with it all!

  6. Way to go on the wholesale order! I too, love the cards. So cute. And I am very impressed with your rib stitch! Nice!!! Isn't it a fun stitch? Makes me want to dig out my needles...

  7. aahh a fresh pile of fabrics! I especially love the gray one in there (5th from bottom) :)

    and that's very cool about your first wholesale order :)

  8. How lovely! And yay Winco! We miss that place and those prices! To throw in local to boot - wow! Love the fabric pile and the wholesale order to a boutique - HOW COOL is that! -S

    PS-I promise my inaugural post for today (my report cards are finally done!)

  9. It was a faboulous week wasn't it???!!! I love the fabric and I'm thrilled you've picked up the knitting needles!!! Good luck and if you need any support, I am here for you my friend! You should check out tons of free patterns!! Welcome to a new (expensive) and addictive craft hobby!!!


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