Brenda wants to know seven random things about me. I have had a hard time trying to think of things I haven't already shared, but I think I've come up with them so here you have it:

1. I'm left handed, but I can only cut with scissors using my right hand. Yes. I know there are lefty scissors. Everyone tells me this whenever I share this fact about me. Lefty scissors do not work for me. If I try to cut with my left hand the cutting specimen just bends. Paper, fabric, etc.

2. When I met the mail man I was walking across the Boise State University campus to my English class. He was faking a British accent and claimed to have met me before. He claims the accent was left over from his three year stint living in London and that he wasn't faking it at all, but I never heard that accent again. I married him two years later.

3. At the end of my Junior year in high school my family moved to a new part of the valley. I changed high schools for my Senior year. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. In fact I rather enjoyed making new friends and using the move to earn me a stint as a foreign exchange student in France for the summer after I graduated. ( I told my Dad I'd change schools and not make him pay the taxes to remain in my old district if he'd send me. He agreed.)

4. The first thing I remember sewing was a quilt top with my Mom. We started this my senior year in High School and I finished it over the course of the next few years on my garage sale sewing machine. The top is still a top. I aspire to back and quilt it this year, thus finishing my first quilt.

5. My hair changed from straight to curly without chemicals. At some point in my senior year it suddenly became very curly. Now it depends on the hair cut I have how curly it will be. The thing I dislike most about my hair is that it tends to be straight on top and curly on bottom.

6. When I was in high school I thought I would be much happier if I could only have a nose job. I developed a bump on the ridge of my nose when I was hit in the face with a ball playing basketball in elementary school. I finally gave up on the idea when someone told me it might schnge the way my singing voice sounded. My voice was more important to me than my nose.

7. I only remember throwing up 3 times in my life. I'm sure there have been more before I was was 6 years old, which is my first memory. I remember once when I was six, once when I was ten and then never again until I was pregnant with Amelia. I get sick, I just hate throw up that much. Sorry for this fact. It's all I could think of.


  1. These are awesome, Heather -- I'm especially fascinated by your right handed cutting.

  2. Ooh, very interesting. Isn't it weird what hair does sometimes? A couple of years ago, mine started going straight on top and VERY curly on the bottom. I went around with a half and half hairdo that drove me crazy for about six months. Then it finally started to mellow out. Weird.

  3. I'm a lefty too but I can use right handed scissor with my left hand. I do however, use my right hand for a lot...opening jars, opening doors, etc. And I HATE throwing up too. Huge fear for me. I did a post about it.

  4. My hair turned curly my senior year also! Although, there is a good chance that it was a curly for a while before my senior year. I thought my hair was just being extra unruly. Turned out it was trying to express itself in curl form.

  5. Love that I learned something new!!

  6. Haha! That sneaky Mail Man ... and it worked! He hooked you. Or maybe it was the other way around. :)

  7. Very fun! My hair is getting curly too only it's curly on the bottom layers and all the top layers are straight. It looks ridiculous with the Seattle humidity. I have to blow it out all the time.

  8. Ok, we are long lost sisters or something. My hair went from toe-head straight and fine to darker and curly without chemicals. In the summer I'm just a mess of curls! And I've only thrown up three times, ever.

  9. Catching up on your blog after a few days...I read the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency a few years ago - great book!! I'm reading A Prayer for Owen Meany right now by John Irving. Long, but, I highly recommend it!

  10. Min changed from straight to curly right about that time too! It is nice to know that I am not alone. And when I was a kid with stick-straight hair all I wanted was curls. And as soon as the curls came...yep I wished for that straight hair again (in fact I have many straightening irons and serums and gels to prove my efforts to straighten - in my more wise age I have tried to accept, maybe even embrace the curls - and usually that works!

    I have always admired your nose - seriously - I really always noticed it and thought it was something special!

    I am sure that you saw this in your blogroll - but just in case Sew Liberated posted about print your own fabric. It made me think of you:
    (sorry Shawn is not home to walk me through hyper linking the text above).


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