In Real Life

Stefani over at Blue Yonder started a flickr group about the way life really looks.
Not the peephole, pretty version we see on blogs every day.

The StiCKy, mEsSY, DisORgAnIZeD stuff that holds our memories and reveals the living part of life.

While I'm on this overhaul streak I think it's important to note that I don't expect my life or my house to look perfect from here on out.

All I'm searching for is a little more order and a little less chaos.

But in reality I believe those sayings I've seen on laundry room walls that talk about remembering the hands that left the hand prints behind and enjoying the mess while it's here so we don't look back and wish we could live it all over. I know that a lived in home is a better place for me to be than a spotless show house. It's true for me that sitting with my toddler and reading a book will last longer than my tidy counter tops, and the crafty project I make with my 6 year old will remain for years after the laundry has been folded.

So I'm going to continue searching out the little moments in my day and count them as my raison d'etre.

And while I'm busy doing that, maybe I'll clean out a drawer or cupboard or two. Because a little order in the midst of chaos is nice too.

hair goods drawer before
hair goods drawer after
my "getting ready" drawer before
my "getting ready" drawer after

Now you know more about me than you need to know. But it's the little triumphs that matter, and yesterday I was happy to have tidy bathroom drawers.

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  1. I feel so much better after visiting flickr! Whew! It's nearly 3:00 and the bed is not made, I have at least five knitting projects sitting on top of the piano, there is no way I could use my ironing board right now..I can't see the top of it, and the laundry in the dryer has been there for three days.
    Thanks,'ve cheered me up!

  2. I know I have a problem with remembering that my friends love me for me and not for my clean kitchen/bathrooms/etc. Which is good b/c the vacuum cleaner is still broken.

  3. Those little corners of the home are the hardest to keep clean...good job!!


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