Here's the plan

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Do you ever feel like you are just cleaning the center?

I know. A little vague. But seriously?

You clean your house and you realize that just the middle part is really clean. The clutter is sort of pushed out to the edges and the piles just mount in a way that makes you think your house is clean until you really get looking. I'll be specific.

The center of the living room is tidy and the rug is vacuumed, but the edges of the room are littered with piles of things that don't have homes. The end tables hold the remnants of the day. The sofa houses an abandoned jacket or two. The table is clean on top, but littered with crumbs underneath even though you DID vacuum this morning.

Or alternatively the Kitchen, living room and dining room are all clean, but the appendages (bedrooms, den, bathroom) are a mess.

Feeling annoyed or stressed yet?

I am.

Why is it that we can never get it all clean and clutter free at the same time? Okay. Amend the word never. It does happen, but only when I spend the whole day cleaning. I only spend the whole day cleaning if I know you are coming to visit. Otherwise it's not worth it because I know that it will only last while you're here and then I'll have to do it all over again.

So here's the plan: Simple Mom's guide to Spring Clean Whenever. It was actually a part of the 5 week plan that encountered a sick toddler for two of the first weeks and never got off the ground. But now I'm ready. I'm no longer able to handle the piles of craft supplies, fabric, toys, clothing that doesn't fit, napkin rings that don't have a home, shoes that need to be donated, books that have long since been abandoned, cd's here and there, over stuffed Tupperware and utensil drawers, constantly over flowing recycle bin, etc, etc, etc .

I'm ready.

It's time to say good bye to the clutter and hello to the clean.

Simple Mom's e-book promises me a clean and orderly house in 10 days. I believe I'll hold her to her word, and I believe I'm ready to make it happen.

But I'm not alphabetizing my spice cupboard.

I'm just not that kind of organized.

(This post is part of a Mr. Link post over at The Inspired Room. She is doing a beautiful life goal setting challenge for January. Lot's of inspiration over there!)


  1. I know when I'm more organized I feel less stressed! Keep up the good work!

  2. I can't wait to hear/see how it goes. I am constantly fighting with our clutter - and there are only 2 of us in our home! I always say, wait 'til summer (when I am a carefree gal again) - but I am slowly going crazy looking at it each day! I bet I could do the 10 Saturday plan and slowly chip away at it! -S

  3. Sounds exactly like my house. I've been working on it slowly, trying to build new good habits. I'll have to look into the links you shared.

  4. I know the feeling....Let us know how it goes!

  5. Sounds like a dream...I mean to get rid of the clutter not getting it done!! Good luck, let us know.
    PS Check is going out today

  6. Clutter-free in ten days? I've been at my P&O project (purge and organize) for three weeks now. I'm making progress but I'm only half way through the house (2,000 sq ft -- not 5,000) I'll be back to see how you do.

  7. Boy do I GET this post. I've been walking past a pile of dust bunnies in the corner of the living room for a week now. I don't like them, but I just haven't done a thing about them. Maybe tomorrow.

  8. this is EXACTLY how I feel about my house most of the time. I got going on a clutter-busting binge after the new year, but lost steam last week. But I'm feeling inspired now!!! I'm going to get off the computer and go de-clutter something RIGHT NOW!! Thanks Heather!!

  9. Good luck my friend! I've been beating down the clutter in my home latetly. But only b/c the construction mess is forcing me to confront the clutter and move stuff around! I'm on a quest to find everything a "home" these days. So far we've been to Fred Meyers twice for storage bins, etc. two trips to the storage unit and three trips to Goodwill. I have faith in you and I can't wait to hear your progress!

  10. I like your plan. I have the same plan but I know it won't happen in 10 days. But before winter is over this house will be clutter free and organized. Get your trash bags ready!

  11. Very exciting, Heather! Can't wait to hear more about your progress and what a wonderful post -- very descriptive and well written.

    May the good (and organized) times roll!


  12. Good for you! I'll look forward to your progress reports! Moving was a great way for me to declutter, but nevertheless, I still feel like there is SO much I could organize. Will it ever end? Thanks for sharing your plans!

    happy day,

  13. You go girl! Really, I am with you 100% and know exactly what you mean. I have already started implimenting my own decluttering strategy for the year. Slow going, but making progress. Will be interested to see how it goes.


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