Dawn chose the word Joy for one of her words for 2009. When she saw the joyful wrap, she knew it needed to be buddies with her special word of the year mug.
She wanted it big enough to fit her colored pencils instead of crayons. I gladly whipped one up for her.
Seeing these happy colors on a gray, rainy day like today makes me feel truly joyful.
They've enjoyed standing next to one another on my ironing board for the past 24 hours or so, but now it's time for the big one to fly over to Dawn's house. Thank you for letting me sew for you, Dawn!

*the little one is still in the shop waiting patiently to adorn a little person's craft table*
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  1. Oh these are great! I'm still thinking about what my word of the year will be...

  2. So lovely!!! And extra sassy with those wonderful and joyful colors!!! -S

  3. I can't wait to "buddy" them up! You are such a doll to do this custom order so quickly. Thanks! I will send you a buddy photo as soon as I can. Now the trick will be to keep my little roll and its pencils out of the grubby hands of my 2 year old who thinks all drawing utensils are hers *grin*

  4. You're right about the colors - orange and green and blue together are just awesome. Nice job!

  5. how did you do the word? did you cut it by hand? looks great!


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