10 on the 10th January

9:00 Time for a little fabric dreaming. No time for sewing yet. The natives get too restless.
10:00 The results of day 6 with a feverish baby. I don't like waking up with a pile of dishes to deal with, so I leave them and watch a few Saturday morning PBS cooking shows.
11:00 is time for America's Test Kitchen. On the menu today: French chicken and French Onion soup. Yum!
12:00 Time to tackle the mess. Much better!
1:00 Amelia is sleeping in her own bed by herself!! Hello dirty bathroom. Time for you to take a bath.
2:00 Home made Shrinky Dink session following this tutorial. Fun factor: 10 (once we finally got rolling and organized that is.) We'll attach magnets to the back of these and put them on our fridge. (there are lots more, which I may show later)
3:00 Time for a snack. Olives sound yummy!4:00 Anyone else as ready for spring as these onions?5:00 Hummus and the end of a good book. Anyone else read the No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency? Thanks for the loaner, Rebby!
6:00 Means hanging out with the mail man while they wait for dinner. Cheese tortellini, homemade marinara sauce, a big salad and a fruit smoothie.


  1. Awwww, mail man smoochies! :) I love the color of your bathroom's walls! I tagged you, Heather! http://brennneda.blogspot.com/2009/01/seven-random-tidbits.html Of course, you don't have to participate. :)

  2. Wow...10 pictures go quick. Great idea. Love the last shot...Mine would have included a bunch of teenagers in my kitchen filming a movie for science.

  3. I agree--ten pictures fly! I haven't read that book-but I've heard it is great!

  4. What a great post!!! Love the onions:: trying to grow their way right out of the bag!!!

  5. This is just lovely. So much goodness from a beautiful family taking one day at a time.
    We all need to do this and you have done it with such beauty and love.

  6. Looks like a great day. Thanks for sharing!!!

    I missed the boat on doing this at my house this month. Maybe next.

  7. I'm lovin' those shrinky dinks! Must do shrinky dinks one of these days. 10 on the 10th is a great idea - gotta try that, too!

  8. Ooh! I love this! I hope we can give it a try next month! And, hey, the 10th of Feb is my b-day! -S


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