Why I Love the Remnant Bin...

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My first stop in any fabric store is the remnant bin. I love picking through the bins which seem to display a snapshot of everything other crafters have purchased recently. I also love the bargains! The great thing about the remnant bin is that usually I find pieces of sale fabric turned remnant, making them doubly affordable. (At JoAnn they are half of the sale price even though that's not how they are marked on the remnant roll)

Last week anti-pill fleece was on sale along side the Christmas flannel. I saw this combination of funky green fleece and orange Christmas flannel and I knew it needed to come home with me. I love wondering what someone else made with this. I can't help but think another crafty person paired these two fabrics together and made something for someone they love.

I decided the two pieces (totaling $2.45) needed to become matching scarves for the girls (me included).

Last night I sat down and cranked them out in about an hour total. This morning we all dawned our matching scarves for the ride to school. Amelia was so excited to have something just like big sister. She grinned the whole way to school and back as she played with her curly tassels.

Did you know fleece would curl this way if you cut it thin and pull on it? I had no idea until I started tying the tassels in a knot and they immediately boinged up like this.
That was cool!

The other cool thing we saw this week was a brilliant double rainbow. I can't remember ever seeing a rainbow in the winter season. Hadley asked if everyone in the world could see the rainbow. I wish they could have. That would have been cool, too.


  1. The scarves are adorable. I love that you all have matching scarves! The rainbow picture is amazing. Thanks for sharing. I needed a little something to brighten up my day!

  2. i love the picture of your girls! and your scarves are super cute!

  3. I found out that fleece curls, the exact same way that you did! I pulled too tight on a strand of fringe and couldn't get it to go back flat. :P Love the scarves they would be so fun on a dreary day!

  4. I can't seem to stay out of the remnant bin, it's like digging for treasure. In fact I bought another whole bag yesterday at joanns and realized that i am too overwhelmed to buy off the bolts. There is too much to choose from in the rest of the store, with the remnants you leave it all to chance and your imagination. I am new to sewing and it seems scary to get a cut from the bolt, its a bigger commitment. Remnants on the other hand are the castoffs waiting to be discovered, like the scarves you made.

  5. You guys look so happy in your new scarves! So cute!!

  6. I love your scarves - so sweet! I always go to the remnant bins first, too. :) And that rainbow is so pretty.

  7. You are too clever and creative for words! I am very impressed! -S

  8. What a creative mind you have! Those scarfs looks fabulous on you ladies!


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