Suddenly Sentences

Amelia is talking like a madwoman. Mostly still one word commands, but suddenly she has started in with the sentences. I want more. I want down. I want out. Notice the beginning of all her skillful language developments.

Yes. She is typical! Yes. She is 20 months old. Now if we could only get her to understand that just because she wants it, and can now say it, doesn't mean she will get it.

My favorite new work is "otay". It makes me so happy when I ask her to do something and she retorts in this sing-song-y way. Cooperation is bliss. So is her new-ish habit of sleeping 12 hours at night without any fuss or bedtime bother. Thank you, Amelia, we are all enjoying the peaceful nights around here.


  1. How exciting! And fun, too! I bet it is fun to see how she puts together her thoughts!!! -S

  2. Isha is really starting to talk and it is so fun to hear all of the things that she can say. I am glad to hear that the sleeping is going good!


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