Patience needs a spa day...

and so do I.

12 bobbins
5000 feet of Kona Brown Quilting Thread
4 yards of Peltex interfacing
8 yards of wonder under
4 yards of Quilting fabric
1 burned out sewing machine bulb
and many, many hours of ironing, cutting, and satin stitching later

we are done.

Not done, done. Patience is a real champ and I hope she has many more hours of satin stitching in her. But as for our first custom order? The one for 25 10 inch bowls?

It's done.

I'll admit that looking at the stack of 25 bowls doesn't inspire the same feeling of grand in me as it did when I was handing them over to their new owner, but it was a big stack.

Trust me.

All that sewing has me ready to head to my happy place. My toffee making, fresh roll baking, snow watching, light gazing happy place.

How about you? Are you ready to chuck your to-do list to the wind and just enjoy?

I think it's time.


  1. Wow! I admire your ability to do production work. I would have been sick of sewing the same thing after about bowl #3. Great accomplishment!

    Happy Christmas!

  2. Goodness, that's a large quantity of bowls. Like Deb said, way to stay focused!

    I finished my to do list yesterday. Now (well after work), it is time to sit back and enjoy the holiday.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Merry Christmas - sit back and enjoy!

  4. Wow! Busy, busy! :) Hope your holiday was joy-filled and restful!!! -S


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