Merry and Bright

We have enjoyed a very peaceful week here in snowland. We've seen the 3rd snowiest December in history around here this year.Very happy for the little snow loving people.

Not very happy for the mail man. He doesn't dig sliding around as he delivers the bumper crop of holiday packages stuffing his car to the brim, so we tried to hide our delight for his sake, but really? We love the white, fluffy snow.

Christmas Eve we finished up our (super fun Local ham eating, Christmas Carol singing, Treat devouring, Gift exchanging) party with my family and headed home in a serious swirly white blizzard. It was a little daunting being out in the storm, but it did make for a delightful White Christmas morning.

I spent a little time filling out the Holiday Journal Dawn sent. I love that thing! I really do. It is so perfect to have a nice place to write everything about our Christmas celebrations down and know that I can keep it forever. Hadley helped me remember all the crafts we did this month. We made a lot of crafty cool stuff this year. *see below

Overall I'm pretty happy with how the handmade holiday plan went. Besides the crafty stuff I made every gift I gave to people outside of my own house this year. I say this because I pretty much tanked on making things for my own family. Not one thing under our tree came from my own hands. It just didn't work this year. I had planned a lot of projects like felt food, mama pj's and a doll for Amelia...none of those things actually happened.
I blame planning. I just hit the wall. So instead Santa brought Cabbage Patch Dolls and Mr. Potato heads. Both toys I love, so I don't feel too bad. We're making Mama Pj's for New Years Eve instead and the felt food can happen later this month when we get a little extra time on our hands.

To my credit the stockings were filled with the wares of ETSY locals. Some pink sugar soap, hand knitted jingle balls, recycled bottle top jewlery and magnets...all cool stuff Hadley chose for her and Amelia at one of the ETSY shows we attended. Santa was very clever and found all these items well in advance of Christmas. I also used some local artists for the gifts I sent to my sister and her husband. (We rotate gift giving to only one sibling and their families per year)

Here's what I made this year for gift giving:

4 gratitude wraps from soulemama's pattern found here (I didn't get photos before they hit the mail, which is a bummer because I loved each one of them so very much.)
6 felt puppets for Eli like the ones I posted about before
3 matching fleece scarves for Lindsay, Casey and Eli (no photos) with freezer paper stenciling
1 freezer paper stenciled polo shirt for Eli (I am now addicted)
1 felt Santa long legs for Dawn
1 felt appliqued pillow for Dawn
4 Family Photo Calendars (I count these because I took the photos and they take A LOT of time)
1 Family Photo Book (from highly recommended for the book BTW)

The crafting/treat making list looked something like this:

Gingerbread house
sugar cookies
toffee (

pianted wooden ornaments
pom pom ornaments
paper candy cane garland
water colored snowflakes
felt Holly napkin rings
Fleece and flannel scarves
hand colored wrapping paper
santa and elf construction paper figurines (to be shown very soon)

Um, yeah. That's about it. I think we lived it up in grand style this year. I love that Hadley is old enough to craft with the best of them. It's a challenge keeping her busy, but with all the great, crafty ideas in blogland...we are never ever bored around here. Messy? Yes. Bored? No.


  1. Wow. Very inspiring and very impressive. Can a novice like me make those gratitude wraps? Very cool. Glad you liked the super-secret toffee recipe.

    Merry, Merry, Merry!!!

  2. Sounds like a lovely Christams and I'm so I got one of your gratitude wraps! I love it, and I love you!


  3. I'm always so impressed with your local goodness and homemades! It looks like you really worked like an elf! Next year I'm going to have to hit up's so dangerous, isn't it?

  4. You know, 10 of my pictures turned out great, two were less than par. I'm thinking it was the editing that I did...perhaps it made the pictures too small for the page and thus they had to blow it up...the color looked strange and the photo was pixel-y. Other than that I was pleased. I was thinking of making a photo book, so I'll have to keep that in mind. Have you heard of another good place to make photo books?

  5. Wow! H I am very impressed! You did an amazing job! My big feat? Local apple butter - crockpot cooked and given to my two favorite teachers pals at my school. I didn't even get pictures of the yumminess I sent out. Rats! But it was local VA apples from the farmer's market (thanks to you and your challenge - which has completely transformed my produce and general food purchasing in 2008 - and for life!). -S

  6. Holy moly! You were a busy little elf. Salt dough ornaments, homemade cocoa, homemade spiced nuts and photo calendars were all I managed this year. You are a crafting goddess!!


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