Merriment making is at the top of the list around here these days. We've been very busy making the most of the season so far.

Our weekend crafting started with some simple ornaments:
A candy cane garland making session:
A gingerbread house decorating session (thankfully assisted by our handy, builder, mail man guy who "glued" the shattered pieces of the house back together for us so we could still enjoy the activity even after opening the box and discovering that someone had surly dropped it at some point.)Yesterday we woke up to the first snow of the season. We crossed our fingers and toes that it would stick around until Christmas morning, but we know full well that it won't. We won't stop wishing for it's return, however.
A glam session for Hadley as she prepared to attend a Birthday Tea Party:
And here's what the studio is looking like right about now: (gotta keep it real!)

There are many, many projects complete and ready for post office departure.
That makes me feel so happy.

The list that awaits for my own family, however, is making me a little stressed.

So aside from the kid crafts, this weekend I didn't sew a stitch! Not one. Instead I read two 500 page books. These two, in fact. And y'all aren' t joking when you say they are book "crack". I'm glad the other two are waiting at this house for at least another day so that I can't ignore my to do lists anymore.

I've got boxes to pack! And dishes to do. And dinner to fix. And sewing, sewing, sewing! Oh my!


  1. Sorry that I haven't had time to comment lately, I am still reading faithfully and loving hearing about your life. I am getting a sewing machine for Christmas and have big plans to ask you lots of questions, be prepared. And yes, those books really are like crack, escapism at its best.

  2. Oh, the Twilight books --- yes, definitely crack.

  3. I just took a break from Twilight for a moment. I hardly breath when I'm reading- they are so good!

  4. Wow - you've been busy! I love the gingerbread house, and your workspace looks a lot like mine right now - overwhelming. But in a good way! (Oh, and I also made your casserole the other night - big hit at our place! Thanks for sharing the recipe...)

  5. The project look great. Can't believe you got all of that accomplished while still being in the Twilight zone. IMPRESSIVE!!!! My world stood still for a week until every last word was read. Crack is right! -S

  6. Your gingerbread house looks fabulous! As do the rest of your crafts! I haven't read the Twilight books yet...I haven't even read the Harry Potter books. Good luck with the rest of your list!

  7. Your house must be a festive place to be right now...sounds so crafty and lovely!


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