Holiday Traditions Swap 2008

A beautiful package landed on my doorstep today. I decided back in November to participate in one swap this year and Meg from Sew Liberated posted one that sounded perfect. The swap was about sharing family traditions and the rules were to send a Holiday decoration, a family recipe, and information about the way you and your family spend the holidays. My partner was Dawn. She writes a blog called artist reborne and shares her amazing talents there.
When I opened the door I couldn't wait to get the box open. As soon as I did I could hardly keep from getting all choked up. The beautiful package she put together really touched me and made me feel special.I should have known from reading her blog that she would go way above and beyond, but boy did she ever! Everything is perfect, Dawn! Thank you so much for your generosity. Your gifts will touch our hearts and home for many years to come.
Included in the package was:
1 A hand embroidered bird wall hanging in linen(my favorite fabric of all time) and my favorite color of red. (pattern available in her shop right here) (along with several other darling items)
2. A recipe for buckeyes (she's from Ohio) and a batch of the tasty little buckeyes.
3. A favorite book titled: The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree by Gloria Houston --Gorgeous!
4. Two pairs of magic Christmas Tree watching glasses
5. A gingerbread ornament
6. A vintage cloth napkin
7. A Family Holiday Almanac Hand Made (meaning she drew all the pages and bound them together for us to enter our favorite holiday memories on one spot for like 10 years!!! (!!!)
8. Two stamps, which she created from her very own drawings
9. A handmade ornament from her son Clay to Hadley (A. Dor. Able!)
10. A new journal...just in time to replace the one I've filled to the brim

I KNOW! Dawn, you are one generous and lovely new friend. Thank you for everything. The package I sent her can be seen right here. I should mention that Holli is the original creator of the Santa Long arms and legs I re-created for my swap gift. He is a favorite decoration around here and one of the very first decorations I received after moving out on my own. I thought the tradition should be passed on.


  1. Heather, you have just made ME feel incredibly special! Your more than kind words just put a warm and glowing twist on a some-what icky day (can anyone say "jury summons"?). I am so very glad you liked it and I am tickled to think of you wearing your new specticles while munching buckeyes. Just know that you have no reason to feel lame or inadequate...your gifts were lovely and it was totally obvious that they were from the heart. I really do love that pillow *grin* Perhaps we should do a swap again for Valentine's day? Think on it.

  2. You are truly blessed. You deserve it too. How lovely and how special.

  3. Wow - what a lovely package for a generous and talented partner! Glad you had an excellent mail day. They're the best!

  4. What a treat! It's all so pretty. I checked out the things you sent Dawn, BTW, and I LOVE the Santa you made!

  5. Heather (and Dawn), that is such a cute swap. What a neat idea! I may have to get in on that next year.

  6. What a fabulous treat! Everything looks great - as do the goodies you sent her! Isn't it great to get some fun in the mail?

  7. Wow! What a great treat to come in the hectic busyness of the season. How fantastic!!! -S

  8. That's an amazing package. I think anyone would be excited to get it on their doorstep. The one you sent was beautiful too. You're so talented!


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