Handmade Holiday

My favorite part of the winter holiday season is by far the opportunity it provides to unleash my creativity and enjoy making things with and for my family. There is much hustle and bustle at this time of year, too, but by and large we are home enjoying a warm, safe place to be together and create, read, prepare meals, sing songs, watch movies and enjoy each other's company.
This year I am especially thankful for the absence of last minute concert preparations and test grading that have dominated my Decembers in the past. This year I am enjoying my family and the time that I have to really embrace a handmade holiday. Yesterday we lugged up the Christmas decorations and reveled in all of our favorite things as we pulled them out of the storage bins one by one.
The girls were all excited at the bustle of new things to look at. I felt warm and happy as I took inventory of some of my most prized possessions and remembered the gentle, loving hands that gifted them to me. Those bins hold many handmade treasures. Some I've made myself and many from other loving hearts, but all gifts I'll pass down with the memories that accompany them from what I hope will be many, many years of tradition and celebration with my precious little family. For that is what I hold dearest of all. The traditions that bind us together and make us a family.

What are some of your favorite family traditions? When do you deck the halls and crank up the holiday music?
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  1. Those little ornaments are beautiful. I love them.

    Since we aren't going to be here for Christmas we aren't going to get any of the decorations out. It makes me kind of sad, but then I just think about being at home and seeing all of my family and friends (especially you)and then I don't feel as "scrougy"

  2. It may be cheesy, but we dress in red and take a family photo in front of the tree.

    We also love to watch "Elf" after putting up our decorations. That movie always gets me in the spirit.

    "I love smiling! Smiling is my favorite!"

  3. Happy Holidays, Heather! Sounds like you are off to a great start and feeling the spirit all around. I'm feeling a bit scrooge-ish (or grinch-ish) this year and am not sure why? it's nice to see so many trees and stockings and handmade gifts cropping up all over blog-land. I'll be baking cookies and crafting with the best of them in no time

  4. i'm glad to see you are enjoying the holidays! it's sad to me to see so many people get stressed out by this time of year! I love the decorations, music, yummy treats... pretty much everything! but in my family all the girls have a tradition of getting dressed up and going to see the Nutcracker, and I love that!

  5. Your activity sounds delightful. I haven't been to the blog in a bit and I love the new header picture! -S


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