Bring On the Bubbly

Looks like we're going to be kickin' it lemon lime style this year!

That nasty stomach flu that's been ravaging the country has landed. Sunday both girls were under the weather and then by Monday seemed to be all better. Yesterday was uneventful. This morning I knew the moment I rounded the corner to Amelia's crib that there would be trouble.
One of my 5 senses was particularly peaked and not in a good way.

I am such a wreck when my kids have the stomach flu. I can handle runny noses and terrifying diapers. But the "V" word sends me straight into a tizzy.

Big time.

At least it's a good day for PJ's.
I whipped these pajama bottoms up during nap time yesterday. Osh Kosh helped with the tops.

I had originally planned to make nightgowns for the girls, but Hadley made a comment just before Christmas that she loved her Mama Made nightgown from last year, but it was kind of hard to sleep in. Amelia isn't really old enough to sleep comfortably in nightgowns either, so bottoms it was.

I would have embellished the tops myself, but I was short on time, and I could not find plain long sleeved shirts anywhere the day I needed them.

The flannel I chose was a perfect match for these two little shirts. Hadley's shirt says Peace, Hope, Joy, Love...which is just what I wish for all of you in 2009!

See you next year...


  1. we are sick again at our house too...bleck
    love the pj's can i have some too?

  2. Oh yucky. The 'v' word freaks me right out- I'm just like you. My kids at school know that saying their tummy hurts is the absolute true way to get out of class for the day. I hope your little ones are feeling better and you stay healthy. At least they have comfy jammies to wear!

  3. Oh no!!! Poor Amelia (the five senses and crib thing ... yikes). Darling PJ's and very sweet photos. Happy New Year to all of you! Give that Mail Man of yours a big hug from me, and I'm so so glad we've gotten to know each other this year! Here's to 2009!!!

  4. I hope those cute PJ's help your cute girls feel better ASAP! That's no way to start a new year!

  5. Oh darn it. That's no fun. But I believe a nice pair of PJ's actually help the healing, and you obviously have that department covered!

  6. I'm so sorry about the "V"! May you all be feeling better soon.

    Darling PJ's Heather -- you really ARE something else!


  7. These are adorable jammy bottoms! Too bad about the ick...God knows we have had MORE than our share this last couple of years, more than in most of my entire adult years combined. Gotta love those little germ sponges we call our children *grin* And I will definitely send you a picture of the pencil roll and my mug together...match made in heaven, huh? *grin*

  8. I love the pj bottoms, and more than anything the pics of your girls. Too sweet! (I have a thing with the "v-word," too. Grosses me out more than anything!)

  9. I too completely shut down when the V comes around. Just the stomach flu in general. My husband usually takes over at that point. SO many other things I can't handle, but not that....I hope it's over soon!
    Cute pants!


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