A Shadow of Doubt

I suppose it's perfectly normal to feel doubt about holiday preparations. I've been seeing it all over blog land lately. Perfectly talented and lovely people feeling slightly less than ready for the challenge this season can present.

Yesterday was my day. It flowed into today a little, too. I've spent a good chunk of time making gifts for the people I love this year, and as I step back and survey the goods I feel a little lame. There's nothing sparkly or grand in the pile. My wares are not life changing, and some of them are even a little laughable.

But I have to ask myself when judging a handmade gift: Is this something I would enjoy if it landed on my doorstep sealed with the love of someone's hard working hands and made just for me?

If the answer is yes...in the box it goes. Perfect or not. Life changing or not. So if you love me enough to send me something you made with me in mind: I'll be thankful.

I hope you'll feel the same.


  1. this is really touching. you send a great heartfelt message. thanks for putting it into perspective. i've learned that giving handmade gifts is incredibly rewarding. and who doesn't absolutely love receiving something made with love?!

  2. I've always loved handmade gifts! From grandma's slippers or pillow cases to my bestest friend's art or candles to home baked cookies from a coworker to .... It means so much more than a mass produced whosamajig! You're carrying on and/or reviving traditions, arts, crafts, etc. that have died out during the latter half of the last century! And teaching them to your daughters! More and more people are talking about gifts that matter, that will be used or loved for years, vs. the latest whatever that will be tossed aside in a couple of months.

    Anyway, that's my pep talk. You go girl! I can attest, first hand, to your incredible work and quality!!! xo

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with the previous two posts, and I too can attest to your incredible crafting talent.

    But I know exactly how you feel. I am doubting my plans to make a certain homemade gift, and I may end up not doing it at all (partially because I don't want load myself down with lots of work!), but I think in the end people are always impressed that a person took the time to do something with their own two hands. I mean, it's just too dang easy to throw down a few bucks for something, and bang -- you've got a gift! Handcrafted presents are worth so much more!

  4. I love home made gifts. You know they are always from the heart!

    I've decided no stressing this year. Monkey is at an age where she's going to start loving the whole Christmas/Santa thing and I want to sit back and love it with her. She's really made me step back and enjoy all of the little things in life so much more than before.

  5. no worries here H...I know how hard you have worked for us and I'm very excited that I too get to recieve a cute little package from YOU on MY door step!

  6. I'm sure everything you made is lovely and from the heart! The season is about serving and the birth of Jesus, not glitter...so keep your chin up! I love seeing my little birdie on my door each day. It makes me smile. See, your gifts ARE great.

  7. I couldn't agree with you more, Heather.

  8. I often feel this way too about my handmade goodies, whether it's a knitted item or a card. I've long given up being a perfectionist b/c I feel there are much better ways to spend my time and energy. When I make a little "opps" I just think of it as an original design element instead. But it doesn't stop me from feeling like it could have been a little better! Usually once I see the smile on the giftees face it makes up for it!


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