10 on the 10th

My friend Ashley did a really fun challenge last month where she took 10 photos on the 10th day of the month. One every hour. I commented that I enjoyed seeing her day as it progressed, and she encouraged my to try it this month. I enjoyed taking a snapshot of our day in hourly increments today. Just a typical day at the sewhappyJane head quarters.

9 am: Time for a few books

10 am: Play date fun with Amelia and Addie

11am: tea and chocolate cranberry bread with a new friend (hi Liz)

12pm: My long awaited Crafty Geek bumper sticker arrives.

1pm: I package up my giveaway prize to send off to it's happy new home

2pm: Nap time means sewing time (an undisclosed project for an undisclosed recipient) and listening to back logged podcasts of This American Life

3pm: Nap time is over and Amelia is pulling at my leg begging me to leave the sewing room

4pm: I do leave, but I sneak back in when Hadley arrives home and distracts Amelia
Project complete!

5pm: Homework time

6pm: An after dinner twirly dance in costume.

And one to grow on

8pm: Bedtime is finally here


  1. What a wonderful day! I HAVE to know more about that chocolate cranberry bread! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Great job Heather and welcome to our fun little project. I am glad you enjoyed yourself! I liked the last pic...last week I devoured Twilight like a vampire devoures..we'll you know;)!! I am looking forward to checking out your site...I, too, enjoy the craftiness. Perhaps we'll meet someday when I come visit Ash. Until next month...Stacey

  3. i like this idea! i might copy it someday :)

    thanks for the delicious tea and bread. soo yummy!

  4. Don't plan on doing much while reading those books! I was usually for a few days while I plowed through them all!

  5. i love it-- but you FORGOT, to take a picture of aubt rebby stopping by for a visit.
    p.s. how'd you meet your new friend?

  6. what a fun idea! my favorite is the play date... adorable!

  7. I too, love the photo idea. Yours are great! I especially like the twirly costume pic -- looks magical!

  8. What a great post and even greater idea! I may have to try this next month.

  9. I love this idea...I loved seeing your pictures. Thanks for sharing your day with me!

  10. I love this!!!!!! And I also chomped up the whole Twilight Saga last week! 4 books in 6 days... -S


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