Vampiresses Three

Thanks to Daddy and his stellar thrift store shopping skills the three girls got to dress up as matching vampires for Halloween this year. We had a total blast putting on the makeup and costumes (okay...Hadley and I enjoyed it...not so much fun for Amelia). We went to the down town trick or treating party that afternoon and then later that evening Hadley and I went with Aunt Rebecca and Ezra to my sister-in-law Mary's family party. They set up their garage like a spook alley and we got a good scare crawling through tight spaces and jumping at creepy crawlers and blowing wind, etc. It was so fun. Plus...the neighbors down the street make homemade doughnuts each year and we enjoyed trick-or-treating while sampling their wares. Halloween is fun!!
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  1. ok - I officially want to be with you next Halloween! How fun!

  2. I love the little face of Amelia. She looks sooo cute. Your Halloween treats sound like so much fun...wish we could celebrate with you next year. :)

  3. You are THE coolest mom! I keep asking if I can be your kid...what do you think? Hee hee! -S


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