Red Neck Contortionists

It just so happened that we caught a few minutes of Oprah earlier this week, and guess what we saw?
A group of teenage contortionists that could move their bodies in ways a person never, ever should. It was outrageous! And it inspired our own little contortion troupe. This has now become a nightly ritual wherein daddy and his girls pile on top of one another and see what they can come up with.

Mostly it's a lot of laughing.


  1. Looks like fun, but it also looks like daddy may need to see a chiropractor very soon.

  2. that is awesome...i would have loved that as a kid!

    ps...did you change your house around?? I can't tell...I want more looks cool...did you get plantation shutters too??

  3. I'm going to look at this post any time I'm cranky -- because it will immediately replace the crank with a huge smile. Love it!


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