I promise, promise, promise not to turn this place into a big advertisement, but I want to tell you about one more thing.

I told you about my little sister and her darling hair bows a little while back, but I didn't tell you that she gave Hadley and Amelia a very long string FULL of her darling bows just before school started this year.Hadley wears a new bow every day, and every day she looks so cute. It's amazing. This kid who hates to brush her hair is suddenly fixing herself up every morning.
I loved the bows so much that I told Linz I'd sell them for her at my bazaars and everyone loved them. They are very unique. I've added her button to my sidebar so you can see them for yourself, because I know you'll want them in the stocking of every little girl you know. I know I've put a few back for the occasion...

See them here. And don't freak out when you see the adorable bugs and butterflies.


  1. Adorable hair bows...and super adorable girls.

  2. Super cute! I know some girls who would definitely LOVE such sweet things for their hair! -S

  3. I love all the hair bows that Lindsey is making. I checked out the site and they are so cute. I need to figure out how to add her site and your Etsy store to my blog.


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