So, what have I been doing besides sewing and updating my shop?

Well, there's been some cooking and a little cleaning and book reading and walking through the crunchy leaves, but not much else except this: Do you remember way back when how I started this scarf right about the time Hadley got pink eye and some other pink thing happened? Well, I pulled it out again and I've almost finished it. I'm rather proud and excited to pair it with my new grey coat, but first I will need to go online and figure out how to end it. Otherwise it might be sitting here looking pretty and lonely for a very long time.

And we wouldn't want that.


  1. I'm happy to see that you've been knitting among your other super creative activities! I can't wait to see it finished! It looks good! If you need any help....I'm here for knitting advice!

  2. I'm with Meg -- if you need any help let me know...and DANG GIRL!! You never stop! The knitting looks great - but be careful -- it's 100% addictive. I've practically given up all of my other creative passions for knitting -- I'm truly hooked!


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