Bazaar Recovery

I have to tell you...

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this was some of the most fun I've had in a long while. All the stress and late hours spent at the sewing machine were well worth the experience I had this weekend at my first ever holiday bazaar. I'm exhausted and a little giddy about how it all played out. The crowd was much smaller than I anticipated, and I didn't sell nearly as much as I'd hoped to sell, but the response to my products was overwhelmingly positive. Not only did I appreciate hearing comments about my little projects, I loved interacting with people and talking about making things for a whole day. It was great practice for me to set up and think about what I need and don't need for the next bazaar I'm doing this coming weekend. I'm pretty sure this next one will be much busier than the last, so I have a lot more sewing to do this week. Then...the grand opening of sewhappyJane on Etsy. Everything I have left will go in my shop and be available for holiday gift purchasing.

It feels good to know that the things I love are loved by others as well. None of my ideas are terribly original, but they all have some of me in them. On my table you will find paper books, birds of a feather, magic tooth fairy pillows, fabric bowls, my sister-in law's flannel burp cloths, and my little sister's L-bows hair bows.

Can you see everything?
(click the photo for a larger view)

The birds of a feather are in the tree and they come in pairs...two coordinating fabrics made with opposite construction (belly and top fabrics). Beautiful Christmas tree ornaments, lamp hangers, gift name it...they are going in all corners of my house and on my Christmas tree this year.

Burp Cloths are in the basket just to the left of the tree. My sister-in-law Mary makes them out of the softest flannel fabrics and they are adorable! Generously sized, too.

Magic Tooth Fairy Pillows in the center basket. They come in three different fabrics..two different girly fabrics and adorable monsters.

Paper books in the small basket on the right. They are made with all different scrap booking papers, cardstock, and heavy weight filler paper. Perfect for list making, note taking, sketching, mini photo albums, and best of all: little people books. Hadley writes story after story in little books like this.

Lindsay's L-bows are on the cards spread over the top of the table and hanging on ribbons down the front (not pictured). You really should see her blog for better photos. These hair bows are out of control cute. Any little girl I know would be lucky to have some, and they are an affordable gift, too! Hadley got a whole string of them when school started and she wears a different set every day.

Fabric bowls are on the shelves on the right side of the table. I chose to focus on Christmas prints and the smaller candy dish size for this bazaar. I sold all of my bowls but two. They were very well received and I can't wait to get sewing and make many more in lots of different colors. The shop will be well stocked with these as they make beautiful cookie platters for gift giving and bread/fruit bowls for the table.

New for this week's bazaar will be colored pencil rolls to go with the paper books. The perfect source of entertainment for the young and old.

Can you tell I'm having fun? Don't worry...I cleaned the bathroom, did the dishes, planned this weeks menu, went grocery shopping, and started the laundry this morning so my family won't feel neglected. I also have about six more posts on the way so I can share all about Halloween, Pay it Forward, a new blog roll, and my favorite new computer freebie. But right now? Right now I have to sew while Amelia is sleeping!


  1. Ooh...everything is great! Truly, really! I especially love the fabric bowls..I've never seen any like those before. You Rule!

  2. Heather:

    I'm so completely proud of you! Way to go, and I'm so glad you had fun and enjoyed your day. Can't wait to hear more about the bazaar coming up this weekend, and even better, the ETSY shop opening!

    I agree with ellen -- you DO rule!


  3. Congrats on your first successful (and enjoyable!) craft bazaar! I doubt I could ever get it together to do something like that, so I'll just sit back and admire you, okay? :)

  4. Your table looks great! I'm glad it was a good first experience for you! I can't wait to check out your Etsy shop! Good luck this weekend!

  5. Heather! I am completely blown away by your table! Absolutely stunning! Love the tree/branch with the birdies -- very very creative! Woo hoo hoo!!!

  6. You have been a very buys bee! Everything looks great. I think it is great that you are doing what you love to do! You are always such an inspiration.

  7. Your table looks fantastic! I wish I had an ounce of your creativity and drive... you definitely impress me!

  8. Your table LOOKS fabulous! Sew inviting! Sew creative! Sew inventive! I am sew impressed! -S

  9. Your table looks wonderful - what effort! And I love the name Sew Happy Jane ... glad you had a wonderful time!

  10. Congrats on being so ambitious! I checked out your etsy shop and it's very cute. Mine is all set up and ready to go. . . . I just need to make something to put in it:) So next time I log in I'll put your cute shop on my favorites.


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