The Final Tally

From the bottoms of my tired feet to the tips of my cracking fingers I am happy to report the official end of food preservation for this season. It's been a crazy long time dream of mine to Go Local, and this year is my first attempt at really making it happen.
I don't preserve food because I love hauling boxes of produce around and then standing over my sink and stove for hours on end. Nor do I preserve food because I think the sky is falling and I want to be prepared. I'm not trying to be heroic or even frugal. Honestly when you figure in hourly wages spent in time preserving I think it's less expensive to buy the cans and bags they sell in the grocery store. Except we all know what grocery store canned peaches taste like. But even that is not motivation enough to spend a summer devoted to food.

More than anything I value the hard working farmers who grow my food. I literally almost cried when I left the Farmer's Market for the last time this year. I walked around and thanked the men and women who fed my family this summer (and filled my freezer and pantry shelves for winter) and told them how much I appreciated their hard work.

I know them. They know me. My children have waved hello and good bye to them all summer long. Now they will be a part of my home and my table for the winter. The truth of the matter is that no matter where you stand on the political spectrum, food is an issue that will be enduring and does not have to be dividing.

If I were in a different position I would not have spent the summer preserving. Luckily I was able to do this for myself and my family, and hopefully a few others benefited from my attempts to be more connected to the life giving force that is food. I don't know what next year will hold, but this year we shall eat well.

**Thanks to Sarah and her inventory template idea you can follow our food using the new list in the sidebar.


  1. I am so proud of you. When I look at your huge list I can't even imagine how tired your feet must be!

  2. You have been incredibly busy! My hat goes off to you! -S

  3. I know that you are so should be. I canned for years, stopped when I was falling asleep at 11:00 pm when I needed to go to bed and then go to work....however, I do not regret it and I think that you will never regret your work. Think about what you are teaching your children in terms of work and where our food comes from!!

    Good job, Sweetie...I have actually been very seriously considering doing a lot of canning this next year..the only hitch is that I am miles away from any co-ops. Well, guess what..I could grow more.
    Take care and be very proud of your accomplishments. You are special.

  4. I am so impressed with all of your food preparation! I wish I could have canned with you! Your words are so perfect about canning and preserving...

  5. I LOVE the new header and i hope you already know that your efforts inspired me and are a big part of getting me out of bed everyday with something to be excited about these last few hard months!

  6. Great work, heather! You really are my inspiration. Hopefully next summer will be mine for preserving!


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