Sew Happy Jane

The best thing about sisters and friends is that they inspire and encourage me to be my best self.

I don't know what it is in me that clicks when I see a finished project, and I can't find the right words to explain my need to create, but I know this; I am a maker.

There are times when I sit and stare at my fabric stash and re-arrange things until I feel totally lost, and it can take me weeks to get motivated to start on something new, but eventually I am inspired and I just have to move forward or I can't sleep.

If you've known me very long you've heard me express my desire to participate in the Farmer's Market (A Toddler and working husband made that impossible this year). I go to craft fairs and long for my very own booth, filled with my very own creations. I stare at Etsy shops with dreamy eyes and wish they were my own. It's not that I want to make my whole living selling my creations, really. I just want to make, and make, and make. The trouble many fabric bowls and totes can one woman use? How many puppets does my stash require? How exactly will I use all this fabric I've collected?
Well my friends, it's time. I'm nervous, and I'm worried and I'm wondering what I'm thinking?! But I've finally decided to take the plunge and go for it. If not now, then when? Right?

So I sat down with my sister, Rebecca, and we dreamed up a name for my little endeavor. My middle name, and my Paternal Grandmother's name, is Jane. I knew I wanted that to be a part of my business name and we went from there. After much searching, google-ing, and eliminating I finally settled on: sewhappyJane.

I've been busy this week setting up an e-mail address and my first Etsy shop. I've also been busy sewing!! And preparing for my first very own table (actually I have a partner) at my first Craft Bazaar. I figure I'll start with the things that inspire me the most and go from there.

I promise this won't become a selling blog, so don't run away. Really all I want is to make things I enjoy and find useful. I hope that others can enjoy and find them useful too.