This Tiny Thing

How can such a tiny little thing break something as mighty as a dishwasher?

Up until yesterday I was full of hope that my dishwasher could be easily repaired. I can no longer hold such hope. It is now officially a glorified drying rack.

Maytag...if you're reading...please stop using plastic parts in your dishwashers. They stink.

Amelia...stay out of the recycle bin... you owe us $300. We'll put it on your tab.

The cost of having kids just went up...


  1. uh-oh! $300 on A's tab -- oh boy!
    Maybe Santa will bring you a new dish washer this year?

  2. I'm sorry...I tried not to laugh but couldn't contain myself!

  3. Oh dear! I only say hee hee because of your awesome writing skills! :) -S

  4. Very sad...funny. Sorry you better get a really long piece of paper if you are going to keep track!

  5. Boy, it's time to be clued to craigslist posts. We found our washer/dry for a $100 last fall. Still works great!

    BTW, I am getting all the pay it forward information together. Can you email me at leeannhuber(at)gmail(dot)com so I can be in contact with you?

    Thanks so much for joining in!

  6. whats the pay it forward thing-- I wnat to join that too-- pass on info to me pretty please-- I promise not to break any of your appliances if you do!


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