The Tooth fairy Came Last Night

Yesterday after school Hadley came home with a very wiggly tooth. She's been working on this tooth all summer, and we've both been excited for her to use her tooth pillow. We thought for sure she'd lose it months ago, but it finally came out yesterday. The tooth fairy brought her a whole dollar!


  1. Hooray, Hooray! I helped Johanna pull out her third tooth about a week ago. It was one of her two front teeth and she looks almost as proud as Hadley in her photo! There's just something so magical about losing teeth -- and leaving them for the fairy.

    *and in Jo's case, also leaving a list of questions for the fairy to answer. I know, seriously! The fairy let her a response saying she'd only "answer 1 question per tooth lost"...pretty clever, if you ask me.

    Hadley looks beautiful without her tooth and so so proud. Way to go! And what a photogenic child she is.


  2. I'm pretty sure she was working on that little thing at the family reunion. I told her I would show her how great grandpa pulled them out, obviously it was a no go ;)

  3. Look at that proud and excited grin! Another milestone!


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