My Bodacious Ass

This is how I've been referring to my backside lately. One cannot spend their days eating pie, ice cream, homemade bread, cookies, and basically everything else under the sun and not expect to grow and bodacious "you know what". It's all about numbers, people, and my numbers are out of balance.

Before both of my pregnancies I lost around 15 pounds and then after the girls were born (thanks to nursing) I lost my baby weight effortlessly.

Butt then I didn't get my rear in gear again and I quickly started gaining weight the minute I weaned the girls. Now Amelia is still nursing some, but I'm not feeding her. So bring on the Booty. It's back-(side). Not as much as it has been at times, butt it's not comfortable and I'm in the mood to be able to comfortably wear my fall clothes.

Enter The Plan.
This sign has been on my fridge for about a month now. It's referring to exercise. I am a visual learner. One might think that since I'm a musician I would be more of a listener, but if I don't see it in black and white, or at least write it down, I will not remember.

The Mail Man laughs at this sign. He thinks it's funny.

He's right.

Butt I don't look in the mirror enough to notice that my Bodacious Ass is taking over. I need a sign.

This weekend my sister and I kicked off my exercise in earnest plan with the annual Women's Fitness Celebration 5k.

It was raining a lot. No. A LOT! The first rain in 50 days. Despite the thunder and lightning and major downpour, we braved the race anyway and lined up with the family group pushing strollers to make the loop up and over the hill I grew up on and back down to the park were we always went to feed the ducks. Just about the time we were released Amelia started crying. she was screaming and fighting to get out of the stroller and despite our best efforts to keep her entertained we knew the 5K was not going to happen. We were too wet and she was too tired of waiting. So we cut through the back side of the park and enjoyed the food and booths set up at the finish line just long enough to take some pictures. The irony of the fact that we didn't actually finish the 5K is not lost on us. Butt we paid the race fee and we had to get our money's worth!!

Wish me luck on being committed to walking at least a mile or riding my bike 2 miles most days of the week.

My bodacious Ass thanks you!


  1. OMGosh, you are making me laugh outloud!!! I do wish you luck on your plan...but there is misery for those of us who do exercise religiously and still have a Bodacious Ass. I hope you won't fall in this category with me!

    I LOVE the photos in this post. Thank you for making my day!! I miss you. And, yes, I want to see you. I'll be there the week of my birthday.

  2. I have a sign like that on my tv-stuck over it so if i turn the tv on it 'lights' up and then i need to exercise before I can take it off. Good luck!!! My bodacious ass wants to do a 5k someday!

  3. Oh, goodness, can I relate with you or what??! My hubby and I both want to lose a few pounds...we keep talking about it...and therein lies the problem!

  4. Oh Boy! I can relate to this post 100%. I spent the whole summer cooking, baking, and packing on the pounds -- organic they may be -- but my bodacious ass is growing as well. And I need to get motivated to slim down. Thanks for the inspiration -- soon a post like this will follow on my blog, and I'll be cutting back. Soon...

  5. At least you lost all the baby weight by nursing... and I love your bodacious ass. It's fabulous and I'll miss it when it's gone. :)

  6. Could your bodacious ass send my bodacious ass a big sign to put on the fridge? I am in the same boat. Every Monday for the last 6 months I have said I am starting a diet. Ha Ha. I am acutally doing pretty good this week and now that it has cooled off here I will be getting out and walking!

  7. Well how long has it been since my 2nd child...21 years and i'm still working on mine. Good luck with that :). You are doing the most important thing though. You are a wonderful mother!
    Love you
    Aunt Karen

  8. Ok H, I've found that if I tell myself all I have to do is 10 min a day...then I'm much more likely to do something about it and then once I've done 10 mins I can decide if I feel good enough to do more...if I don't...then there is always tomorrow:) Most of the time I do want to do more but the days I don't...I don't get upset about because I still did more than not doing anything at all. It's worked for maybe you should lower your standard;) Casey always says "something's better than nothing" Good luck!

  9. I am nominating you for best ever blog post title. Ahem.

  10. Good for you for motivating yourself with a sign! Getting started is the hardest part! I'm with you in spirit my friend as I'm trying to get my ass out there in the rain for a few more runs!

  11. :) thats all i have to say about that.
    and that i am proud thati i ahve such a funny sister.


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