I Solemnly Swear

I've decided that my new job lends its self to thinking that the days are much longer than they really are. On more than one occasion I've come to 4pm and realized that I still have not brushed my teeth.


It also happens on occasion that I make it 3 days without a shower all because Amelia screams and pulls the shower curtain down if I don't let her in the shower with me. If I let her in the shower with me she expects me to hold her and keep her happy, which makes taking care of business all but impossible. If I lock her out of the bathroom she screams and bangs on the door.


So I solemnly swear that I will get up before she does and take a shower. I also solemnly swear that I will brush my teeth before noon no matter what else happens to derail this.


  1. Rest assured, my dear and unclean friend, that you are not alone.

    I was just telling someone last week that my entire MA thesis was written with dirty teeth (between the hours of 4 and 7am).

  2. Sounds like my shower experiences... Daniel is getting better cuz i can distract him with TV and Annie for about 20 min now, but not if he knows i'm getting in :)

  3. i have many days that go the same way. i'm sure it bothers you more than the little one : )

  4. Kudos to you! I've solemnly sworn that many times and I accomplish it about 2 days a month. Share your secrets when they come! Fortunately, my girls are at stages of entertaining each other. How long does that last? Hopefully about 2 more years (until we start kindergarten and preschool!). Could I be so lucky? Probably when pigs fly.

  5. I don't judge if you don't get your teeth brushed before dinner!! There are days I realize I get to work, half asleep, and I didn't brush my teeth....hence the emergency toothbrush and toothpaste in the drawer!

  6. Hey, my cats do that too!!! Little kids are little kids, I suppose, regardless of the species?

    Good luck on your oath - I'll be thinking good thoughts for you. xo


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