Go Local Week 12 Round-Up...Final Summer Post

Oops!! Yesterday just got away from me. Sorry for the delay on this post. We ended up picking 4 bushels of peaches yesterday (!!!), which was more than we expected to do, plus there were some other unexpected activities that came up. The final result was an unavoidable delay in this here final summer round-up.

Once again...thank you for participating. I hope all of you will hang around Living Senses even after this challenge ends. I enjoy your company!!

Without further adieu...

Juanita e-mailed me this very detailed description of what they are up to during this time of bountiful harvest.

"I hope you are doing this again next year? I am excited to expand my adventures in going local. For this week, Fruit abounds and I cannot get enough. And I am working towards 101 ways to make zucchini. The intensity of color and flavor is overwhelmingly satisfying. Shehni engulfed tons of the zucchini along with the rest from this dish. And Semira couldn't get enough of the corn, watermelon and peaches and that was before you dug into the nectarines. I made a zucchini, tomato stew with a sprinkle of chopped T-bone steak spiced with Tandoori (I know; I am always going international with my local finds.;) .........All from friends' gardens and my own and then our stash of local beef.) Then a side of local, yummy, yummy corn and fruit salad of watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, plums (It was gorgeous and delicious; all from local stands) and plain yogurt. "

Jenifer finished up the challenge with some chorizo tacos, corn and watermelon. She's also working towards preserving foods by starting this year with pesto and pasta sauces! You gotta start somewhere, Jen!! This is a great way to do it. Be sure and post your experience when you finish.

Carissa slaved over a recipe for herbed summer squash and potato torte. The dish took forever to make and didn't turn out nearly and delightful and she hoped. I think we've all experienced this, and it's not fun. The link for the recipe is here if you'd like to give it a shot. It does sound really yummy.
She's also been very busy preserving foods and shared this information, which I found very helpful to my own experimentation this year. I hope it helps you, too.

"This week, I did more corn and I tried broccoli for the first time. Apparently, the trick is to soak it for 30 minutes in salty water to "get rid of bugs & worms." I didn't see any creepy crawlies, but I soaked it anyway. Then, cut it up into florets and blanched it for 3 minutes, and froze in a single layer on a cookie sheet. When it was frozen, i transferred it to a ziploc. I've done three different procedures for corn (cut it off the cob and freeze it directly; blanch and shock the corn, then cut it off the cob and freeze it; cut it off the cob, THEN blanch it, then freeze it) and I've tried to note on the bag which method I used so if there's a discernible difference between these methods I'll know which one I liked best. I have also frozen peas, raspberries, blueberries, mashed and sugared strawberries, and rhubarb sauce and I've canned peaches and tomatoes (but I really should do MORE tomatoes). I am so excited that this winter we'll still be able to enjoy farmer's market goodness!"

Heather (me), Rebecca, and Lindsay were super duper lucky to share a gorgeous meal together at our first ever Johnson family reunion in McCall. We spent a week there (last week) and we ate lots of yummy local foods, but our best meal included T-bone steaks from our Dad's freezer (grilled by the Case Master...Brother in-law) and accompanied by fresh sliced tomatoes from a few different gardens, corn on the cob (from the farmer's market and a locally operated grocery store that routinely purchases local produce) cantaloupe from our Dad's garden, green beans from the farmer's market, and a giant watermelon also from Dad's garden. Did you get all that?! It was kind wordy, and I have a lot more to share about the reunion (including photos). It was seriously fun to share this gorgeous local meal with everyone. The perfect way to round things up.

Paige blogged about her funny experience growing sugar baby watermelons and enjoying
"local corn and bratwurst on the grill, along with fresh cherry tomatoes from my little garden. It was delish!" She also shares photos of the loot she won a few weeks ago in my contest. The package was returned to me with the wrong address once, but it finally made it to her once I got my brain working properly. The package included two hot pads (made by me), a blueberry honey stick from bees in Parma, ID as well as a pomegranate lip balm made from the bees wax of the same bees. There was also a note card with a photo of a barn in the county I live in. The photographer visits our market each week, and her work is beautiful. Enjoy, Paige!! I am glad it finally made it to you!

Jessica shares her favorite food memory for her last round-up post. This one...I think we might all agree on! Thanks for sharing, Jessica. I love memories like this.

Stephanie and Michelle (and maybe Jan and Tracey?) shared a wonderful sounding meal together. I'll have to remember this one to use up some Idaho potatoes!! She e-mailed the following: "
Sorry for the lack of posting lately. We are in Portland and Michelle's husband fixed us up a local meal to die for. He made us Gnocci made from local potato in a sauce that included tomatoes, garlic, and zuchinni all from thier own garden. It was so good. It is always a treat when Ben cooks for us. I have no pictures, no post, but it was delicious. :)"

Sarah posted her last two canning projects: pears and salsa. Before this post I was seriously considering canning some pears because I knew I could get some free, but I think I skip it now that I know how much work they are. I don't think you'll regret it, though, Sarah!! Those pears will taste like heaven in December. She also shared her recipe for salsa, which I do plan to try this week. I have a bumper crop of tomatoes coming on and I'm ready to go...just as soon as I clean the bathroom, do the laundry and do the dishes. But this Domestic Goddess knows all about what I'm referring to. This is a busy time of year!! Check out the super cool shelf her husband built her to store her bounty!!

Holli is very excited about her gorgeous jars of raspberry jam. There really is nothing better. I'm so totally loving my jam this year. She even posted her recipe so you can try some too. This recipe works on all kinds of berries, too. Thanks, Holli!

Meg is lucky to live in an area where she can attend the market all year long, so even though she hasn't been able to eat local the past couple weeks, she'll pick it up again soon. But she did make some killer jam this summer, so she'll enjoy that all winter.


  1. This local thing is really catching on. Isha and I were watching Curios George on PBS the other day and they were talking about locally grown foods. Start 'em young!

    I am so jealous of all the yummy looking jam! Next year I am going to go pick berries and get canning.

    Thanks for doing this Heather. It has been a blast!

  2. Can I say that I am EVER so sad that I missed this post! And the fact that I am finally commenting on it now tells everyone just how far behind I have gotten. One word...SCHOOL. That says it all. After a 2 year break from teaching full-time, only one week to unpack and prepare my whole classroom, and a 4-day trek across the country with all of my teaching stuff that I had not seen for 2 years, AND the fact that I have changed grade levels, am at a new school, and trying to work with a new curriculum that I had not seen before....cooking has fallen off as an important endeavor. Though this past week I did make my first chicken gumbo - mostly local - and it was TAST-EE! Thanks again for this wonderful challenge! I have loved every minute! -S


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