First Day of First Grade

Remember this? This was our 5 year old.
Wondering where the first day of school photos are?!

We had a little mystery event with the camera the day before school started. No one seems to know exactly what happened. We just know this...the camera was not working well on the first day of school. So this is what we got:No. This is not my attempt at creativity...although there is something appealing about this effect. Ask Hadley what happened to the camera. Maybe she'll tell you.
I thought about re-taking the "firts day of school" photos now that I have replaced my camera (Costco rocks...I got a new one for free...but since I got my last camera in 2006 they have changed their policy. They no longer rock as much so we can't break this one.) but I decided that these particular bad photos should go down in history. We'll take cute ones another day.


  1. I love the pictures...I still can't believe how grown up she looks!

  2. Hmmmmm...I wonder what happened to the new camera. She looks adorable and so grown up.

  3. I say...for not trying to make sure did! These look really cool! -S

    And a new free camera...not the worst thing...hopefully none of your other photos were destroyed in the process.


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