Dishwasher... I miss you. You have no idea how I depend on you. I forgot, too, until yesterday.

But now, suddenly I'm reminded.

Until we moved into this house three years ago I hadn't enjoyed a dishwasher since I left my parents house back in 1994. The Mail Man and I always had stacking contests to see who could make the best dish tower. He says he's the best at this. I, respectfully, disagree. Now that our dishwasher (just outside it's warranty) has kicked the bucket (or so we think) we are back to competing. I suppose hand washing dishes has it's charms. For me they are limited to seeing all the colorful cups and shiny silverware side by side. Other than that...I'm struggling with seeing this shanangin as charming.


  1. I'd loan you mine, but then I'd be in your shoes. And I'm having a hard enough time to keep up with it. So I guess I'll keep it. ;-)

  2. I might be a sick, sick person...but there is something soothing about washing dishes. It's putting them away that stinks.

  3. I lived all of my life without a dishwasher, until I moved in with Joe 3 years I can't imagine a life without it. I'm feeling your pain, Heather.


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