Corny, I know.

Wondering where I've been?

This season is so full of everything imaginable for me. The start of fall gives me so much pleasure in every way. Crisp mornings , sunny blue skied afternoons, and melon colored evenings. Produce stands brimming with untold treasures and days filled with food and adventure.

We're frantically preserving all that is summer and praying that we can fit it all in before the frost hits and takes it all away. At the beginning of the season I told my sweet husband (whom I'll refer to as the Mail Man from here on out) that I wanted a freezer this year. He told me that he wasn't about to run out and buy another appliance to fill up our already filled up space unless it was absolutely necessary.

It's now absolutely necessary.

We found a used one on Craig's List and the Mail Man spent the better part of Thursday morning making space and installing it for me. I love my new freezer and it's contents. I love most of all what the freezer represents for us this coming winter.

More to come...


  1. Yay, Mail Man! ;)

    Wow, good for you, Heather! I'm so impressed by your commitment to this! I really look forward to watching your preparations unfold and pay off over the course of the Winter. Think of how sweet Spring will be with fresh produce!

    Big hug, B

  2. I think I love the beginning of fall as much as you do! You have been busy with all that preserving and preparing! I hope to someday preserve as much as you!

  3. I'm so jealous that you have more freezer space...that's top on my wish list.

  4. Such beautiful pictures. Good for you on the freezer..I can see so many yummy dinners coming this winter.
    I am struck today at how the light (sigh) is disappearing so quickly! I love the long shadows now, but I am just not prepared for darkness, fog, cold and rain, (she says while stamping her feet and having a bit of a hissy fit.)
    Thanks, as always, for visiting.
    Best to you, e.


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