Your Chariot Awaits

Phil surprised me with a new bike for my birthday. Everyone pitched in to ease the burden of the hefty price tag, and I couldn't be happier. Since the arrival of my new bike I've decided to follow in the foot steps of my friend from Arkansas and go European.

She cracks me up.

But it's a good idea. Especially when you live in a place like I do and you really can get to whatever it is you might want in a mile or less. Well...except for Goodwill. That's a little farther. So is the fabric store. So those two places are van worthy. But the rest of my ventures are usually within striking distance, and since Amelia hates the car and I hate the gas pump, we're going European.

There have been a few sweaty, swearing moments since I made this decision. It's not all flowers and singing birds.

One day last week I almost rode straight to City Hall, sweaty and pissed of and all, and told them just what I think of their bike lane plan. And the construction signs they enjoy placing in the middle of the sidewalks where their bike lane plans have failed. And the lack of up-let and down-let curb thingies that cause me to have to get off my bike and pull it and the trailer full of about 70 pounds of sweating girls over the hump of a big up-let free curb. They can thank Amelia for falling asleep, causing me to race home fast enough to catch the sleep window instead.

Because I was going.

I was on my way.

But naptime is far more important than screaming at city officials when you're all sweaty and mad.

Although that would have been a very European thing to do. At least from my experience.


  1. Guess what?? I just bought a bike and trailer a few weeks ago, too! So far we've used it a lot - there's great trails here in Minneapolis and it was high time I started utilizing them with the kids. Have fun!!

  2. Your bike is beautiful, the bike lanes don't sound so amazing though. Good luck with your adventures!

  3. How lovely! A new bike is so fun. Sweaty, hot, angry, city-hall stormin' and tired...not so much! -S

  4. Yay for a new bike! And you really SHOULD write a letter to city hall explaining your grief. If that doesn't work, I'd suggest the sweaty, hot, angry, storming of the facility.


  5. I love the mental image of you on your way to city hall and then, with sleeping child, heading home to cherish the nap.

    Good choice.

    But nice bike baths are worth it. Try visiting another day. :)

    Love the is on my wishlist too!

  6. I love your bicycle...especially with the flowers in the water holder! I've been trying to ride my bicycle around more this summer. I was planning to take my bike for all my errands today (bank, library, etc) except it is pouring rain! Not even a little drizzle that I would ride in with no question...oh well. Have a great weekend!

  7. The move to European is akin to becoming a vegetarian; slow and scary. My first move towards eco-friendliness was mass transit which took about 32 trips for me to drop the look of a novice on RIPTA (worth googling). I could get on fairly easy, I just didn't know when to pull the cord for ejection.

    I'm now working up to biking to work. Getting there is no problem, it's getting home that gives me pause. If I weren't such an amateur on the bus I could just put my bike on the rack on the front and ride home. Come to think of it this bus thing is kicking my ass.


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