Thoughts on Family

Within minutes of arriving at Lake Roosevelt in Washington State Hadley was in a boat with an uncle and a bunch of cousins and Amelia was busily playing with an aunt and more cousins. Hardly a moment went by that they weren't busy playing and feeling right at home. And that's the thing about family. Time can pass quickly and it's easy to forget that we're part of something bigger than our own little world.
There were endless meals, constant companions, water toys and games. There was beautiful scenery and good conversation. It was worth the long, long drive and the crying in the car just to watch Hadley bond with a new generation of family.
I felt a little old hanging out with all these young kids and realizing that it wasn't all that long ago when it would have been my end of the long line of cousins out there playing tug of war and mud fight and being dumped off the intertubes behind the boat. I guess that's what happens to the oldest grandchild of 37 grandchildren. By the time the last grandchild comes and the great grandchildren are springing up like crazy, the oldest grandchild starts to feel sort of old.


  1. I'm starting to feel that way too. It was nice to all be together though. By the way, how do you know the last grandchild has come?

  2. I love what you say about time passing quickly-its so poignant! I we lived in a world where all families got together more often.


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