Pickled Pink

My hands have been stained various shades of " fruit" all summer. My favorite so far was the pickled beet pink variety. My least favorite was the dark brown that resulted from pitting 20 pounds of cherries. The color started out so beautiful and rich looking. A symbol of pride! But by the next day it looked a little like I'd killed someone. Not zesty.

Thankfully the cucumbers didn't leave a mark! So far we have pickled asparagus, pickled beets, and bread and butter pickles on the pantry shelves. We also have 10 quarts of tomatoes with many more to come (I hope). Tomorrow we'll can about 2.5 bushels of peaches. They smell so yummy sitting here waiting for their winter glory.

In the freezer we have a lot of jam. Boysenberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Apricot. We also have several quart bags of strawberries, cherries, and blueberries. I hope to add some peaches to the freezer stash as well for smoothie making.

Coming up: more tomatoes, applesauce, frozen green beans and corn, and maybe some bags of shredded zucchini for making bread.

I was feeling all proud and stuff until I found this Ball Jar canning book that told me I needed something like 200 jars of tomatoes and another 200 jars of fruit to feed a family of four for the winter. Looks like my winter grocery store visits will creep in again this year. Cause there's just no way. I started making a list in my head of what I could find around here mid winter and I think we could get pretty hungry if I don't make some concessions. I'm not going to stop trying, though!! Next year we'll plant more food and I'll take notes from this year so I know what I would really have to can to keep up with the demand and limit my winter purchases.

For this year...I'm just happy I am way ahead of last year.


  1. Very tasty! Nice work in setting things up for the winter! Next year I plan to can as well! -S

  2. I am still so intimidated by canning. Unfortunately we will have to go to the grocery store this winter. I wish I had some stuff saved up. Next year I will have to plan ahead.

  3. Heather, this is a great and very impressive accomplishment. I'm really proud of you, and wish I had more space in my little condo and a bigger kitchen for canning in. Someday, not too far away, I'll be preserving for those long days of winter too.

    Great, great work!!

    Love Ya,

  4. I am so impressed!! 200 cans for a family of four???!!! I had 21.5 qts. of tomatoes last year and that was just about right for me. And I make a lot of soups. I cannot imagine having 200! Post photos of all those peaches. They're going to be gorgeous.

  5. You are super woman!!! I am so envious of all your canning. Someday I will have a garden and can away just like you!!! I'm planning on making applesauce and canning it this fall...do I have to do anything beyond basic canning?

  6. Hey, any ideas on what to do with cucumbers, yellow crooked necked squash and butternut squash?

  7. Wow! I am so impressed! I love canning, and did some tomatoes last year from the CSA we had joined. Did you grow all of the stuff you're canning yourself, or did you pick it up at the farmer's markets and such?

  8. I hope you are keeping track of what you'll actually consume during the winter. For now I'm just feeding my husband and myself (along with some eager friends), but the reason I have started to keep a record is so I have a better idea of how to plan when we do start a family.


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