Mostly Things Go Right

It's been a boogar of a day so far. I'm glad it's only noon because I'm going to have to re-vamp myself today. There is some pretty yucky stuff going on in my family right now and it's bringing me down. Actually it's not so much bringing me down as prohibiting me from seeing life clearly.

That's why I write this blog.

I need perspective checks a lot in my life. I'm not the kind of happy go lucky person I would like to be sometimes, and coming to this space and looking at all that I do that is positive is very helpful to me. There's much more good than bad in my world.

This morning I did not go well. I let my lack of perspective explode all over my two precious girls, and it's not the first time I've let this happen in the past few weeks. When I lose my temper and become a scary monster Mommy I do not like myself and I'm not okay with the way it makes my children feel.

But it happens.

The worst part is that the whole time it's happening I am telling myself in my head to walk away and take a breath. Gain perspective. Gain control.


Just stop.

And eventually I do. Thankfully before worse things than screaming happen.

And then I realize that mostly things are going right. My life is good and I have the skills I need to back up and re-group with an agenda that works for all of us.

But I'm extremely happy that it's nap time. Because time by myself is pretty much essential in the re-grouping process.


  1. You are a great mom and your girls are lucky to have you. No one is perfect all of the time!

  2. Yes!! I am awake at 6:30 on Saturday morning celebrating my "Bum Mom of the Year" week. It's always uplifting to know I am not alone. Thanks for sharing. Your words are inspirational even in challenging times. And, your girls will learn your valuable problem solving skills. I need to cc this to myself. Off to catch a couple of zzz before the new day is really underway. Rest is one of the best medicines I hear....I'll have to remember that.

  3. I've certainly seen the scary monster mom looking back at me from the mirror, on more than one occasion. I found that a "I'm sorry. Can we start the day over at 2pm??" works well. We even had a bowl of cereal at 2pm to start our day over. :)

  4. Been There!!! I am sorry you are having a rough day, but hang in there. You are a great mom and I always look to you as a mom mentor!

  5. Sometimes I literally count the awful minutes of my hour/day and realize that there aren't nearly as many as I thought. That helps me to not be quite such a scary mom with my kids. Ugh. We never thought we'd let them see it, did we???!!!

  6. thank you for sharing your feelings with us. it is normal to feel that way. you know, our kids have bad days too and if those days cross...oh, well, than we have to learn to say to each other how that day is making us feel and that mom/dad and children have feelings that are rough sometimes.
    you are a wonderful mother and you are so involved in your kids life some parents can just learn from you.

  7. I'm with you, and that's why I write my blog, too. To help me with perspective and to commune with others who once in a while have really crappy days and live (and dare!) to tell about it, like you. You're awesome.

  8. Heather - I'm hitting this post a little late, but echo the words of all the others -- you are awesome and days like these are par for the course of life. Now, go on with your loveliness and hug yourself.



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