Go Local Week 9--Round Up!

Wow!! This week we have ten meals to share with you (in a round about way). Things are certainly cooking in the gardens and markets around the country. I loved some of the ideas we had this week, and I will use them in my menu planning as I incorporate my market haul (Oh-My-Goodness there's a lot of produce in my fridge.) into the week's meals. Thank you all for participating. I know this challenge has changed the way my family eats and I am thankful for that.

I will do three more weeks of round ups for the summer, so if you haven't had a chance to be involved in a round up...now is the time. The last week of August I will be on vacation, so I will post the first Monday in September instead. I may save e-mail addresses and call for some seasonal posts and information throughout fall, winter, and spring so that we can see what's going on with your local eating during other seasons.

I'm also looking for a free online survey creator so that I can send out an online survey link to all participants to gather some information. If you know of one....please let me know in the comments.

In reverse alphabetical order, here goes....................................

Tracey and Stephanie had a whole day of eating local up in Moscow, Idaho. They enjoyed some seriously good food while they were together. Just like sisters should. The daily menu consisted of toasted whole wheat sourdough with local jam and honey for breakfast, open face tomato/basil sandwiches with local mozzarella for lunch, and a dinner of grilled pizza with tabbouleh salad and fresh peach pie. What a day!!! You can see more photos right here.

Shawn and Sara K. have been busy preserving and using up their stores of market veggies as they prepare to go on vacation. I love the idea of peaches in the freezer, as I had only planned to can mine, and then realized this would be a great addition to the canned peaches. Their meal looked divine and consisted of: " Smith Meadows kielbasa, Texas-style okra and potatoes, and sweet tomato salad". Read all about it.

My sister Rebecca and I created a very yummy meal with steamed yellow squash, zucchini and ground beef. We served it with brown basmati rice (not local) and some of the sweetest watermelon on this green earth from Hermiston, OR. This melon is renowned for it's divinity. No one does a melon better, and though it is a little out of our 200 mile range, these melons are a must in the summer time. We completed our meal with some homemade market pie and all was right with the world. Congratulations on your first local meal of the season, Rebby!!

(This meal is something my Mom made every summer as the squash in our garden was taking over the countertops...we hated it as kids, but now I make it all the time and we all agree...this is good food.)

Paige e-mailed me this morning to report a very unfortunate event. There's nothing worse than a whole post going to la-la land, and that's what happened to her local posting for yesterday. She promises to do a re-write, so go visit her blog to see what she's been up to. It promises to be a fascinating read!

Meg of Knitting Knot is really getting into this local eating thing! They enjoy a local delivery service that brings them lots of organic produce (much of it local during the summer time) and she supplements that with the local farmer's markets that abound in the Seattle area. Their yummy improvised veggie wraps look like a great idea. Something I can't wait to try this week.

You know the old farm house with the perfect big trees, swing dangling in anticipation of it's next ride, garden bursting at the seams with edible divinity? Jessica visited just such a place this last week, and her visit inspired the ratatouille her family so loved for this week's local meal. It's hard not to be wanderlust when I see a photo or a farm like this. More great photos over at Turkey Cookies.

Jenifer commented earlier this week about her plans to have an all local week this week. An all local week sounds just about right at this time of year, and I was excited about reading about her plans. I had No I-dea she would wham bang it like she did. Holy cow and then some. You have to go read what she did this week because I could never tell you everything. It's amazing. Go see for yourself what I mean.

Holli comes through again this week with her new oven by her side and a rainy Boston day perfect for the heat of roasting veggies and baking bread. I'm excited to try the flat bread recipe she shared and the roasted veggies with creamy polenta sound like a winner. Now we just need a break in the heat around here so we don't melt!

Here at home we enjoyed some very yummy cold garden tomato sauce from the haul I harvested when we returned from camping. I shared that meal right here. Just in case you missed it. I also pickled beets again this year and they turned out so beautiful I think they warrant their own post later this week.

Carissa at Happy Stuff tried something I've been wondering about when she served up the chard and cheese bake from my favorite Simply in Season cookbook. She's also had preserving on the brain as she put up pickled beets, corn and peas, and black and red raspberries. I won't be able to get local cheeses to make the chard bake, but she mentioned that a vendor at her market uses beet greens, and I have plenty of those available. I think I know what's for dinner tonight!!Wow!! I don't know where to start. Looks like I have my menu made up for me, though. Now I just have to decide what comes first Happy Eating, friends.


  1. Hey Heather,

    Two free online survey services that I've used successfully in the past are Survey Monkey and Survey Gizmo. They both work fine, just pick the one you like best. Good luck!


    p.s. i just enjoyed a fantastic but simple mostly local lunch--cheese and tomato sandwich, corn on the cob, pickled beets and a "butterscotch melon"-an heirloom variety i picked up last week at the farmer's market. very tiny (about the size of a softball), green inside with seeds like a canteloupe, but sweet, sweet, sweet. yum.

  2. I'm looking forward to this survey and dreading the end of the weekly local food challenge, although I knew it would be inevitable (food only grows outside so long in NY and my freezer isn't that big!). Please, please do some random seasonal local food collections throughout the year-I'm enjoying this tooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. H-Thanks again for all of the great local food finds. I am also sad to see the local challenge taking its winter break. We are lucky enough to have a year-round farmer's market...though I am not sure what will really be there in December! -S

    I like Survey Monkey!


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