Go Local-Week 10 Round-up

We had a busy food week around here. It is a lot of fun to use all the fresh foods available and we've been making the most of the good stuff. My very favorite thing to make this time of year is the garden veggie chowder from Simply in Season. You know. That book I keep telling you to buy?! You really won't regret it if you're interested in eating local, seasonal foods. My family raves about this soup every time I make it...and it was great to see Amelia licking her bowl clean during dinner time.
The other thing we loved was veggie green enchiladas.Well...some of us loved them.
At least we loved the idea of them.Okay. They were kind of a bomb.
The sauce turned out bitter and the veggie concoction I created was fairly bland. But all except the cheese was local and we did fill our bellies. So not a total flop.

Holli pulls out all the stops this week with dinner for guests, which she says always includes dessert. This time it was blueberry cobbler topping off her Caprese Salad and pasta with garden pesto sauce. Hea-ven-ly. It's all ready for your recipe card file here.

Juanita is making me drool with her local meals. I stopped by a few Sundays ago and enjoyed a traditional African feast with her and her family and friends. The lamb was to die for and I'm sure this week's local meal was just as good:

Russian rice with beef short ribs.
Beef (Greenleaf)
Rice (nonlocal of course)
tons of carrots (farmer's market Nampa)
zucchini (friend's garden Boise)
eggplant (our garden)
onions (Wissel Farm's stand Nampa)

Jenifer shocked herself with her veggie pesto pasta (chicken thrown in her husbands bowl to keep him from crying). It sounds delightful to me and I personally can't wait to whip up some pesto for the freezer this year. I think she's a convert of veggies and pesto and everything else all thrown into one bowl!!

Jessica discovered a gorgeous farm stand just around the corner from her house and they've been dining up a storm. She says this eating local thing is becoming second nature. Practice makes perfect, doesn't it?! There's lots to read about her local adventures over at Turkey cookies. Stop by and check it out.

Our local twosome, Shawn and Sara have been out of town...but they haven't let that slow them down on their local eating enjoyment. There are a few posts about local fare on their blog this week and here is one of them.

Sarah is still "godessing" her way through the kitchen, even though it's causing her more stress than it sounds like she would like. She's right. Feeding a family is a lot of work...eating locally adds to that work. Someday I hope we'll bring local back into the mainstream and ease that burden. For now...we'll just do what we can as we can do it! Thanks for hanging in there with us, Sarah! Your idea for switching those stacked veggie tortillas into enchiladas so you can play more with your boys sounds great to me! (And to them, I'm sure.)

Sorry for stealing all the photo space this week. I just didn't have time to hunt and gather photos this time.

I'm off to check out the farmer's markets/stands in the Portland, OR and Oregon Coast region. I think I'm almost as excited about that as I am for the beach. Almost.


  1. Everything looks great! I knew I forgot something yesterday...and that was to email you! My local meal was just a quick salad so we could get dinner out of the way and make local raspberry jam! It was my first time jammin' and I have to say - I'm hooked!

  2. Thanks for including us even though we didn't email in or even cook! You ARE the best!!! The food looks really great!! -S


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