Go Local Round-up-Week 11

Jen decided to e-mail me this week to tell me all about her book club experience. She chose the book this month and nothing could have fit the bill better than Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I think it's great that so many people are being exposed to this book and the ethics of eating. Especially mid-summer when they can really do something about it. Jen says this:
"I hosted book club this month and we read Animal Vegetable Miracle (surprise!). We had lots of local snacks. I made blue cheese stuffed zucchini, cucumber sandwiches, and fresh peach cobbler with local ice cream. My friend Karen, brought caprese salad complete with local tomatoes, home grown basil and mozzarella cheese that she made herself. It was great. She was so inspired by the book that she tried cheese making. I was totally impressed. We all loved the book and everyone is eating local food now. Karen even tried a restaurant that has only local food on the menu. We may give it a try next week. "

Way to go, Jen!!

Holli had a dinner party yesterday and they enjoyed their local meal for the week with friends. She should have the post up later today and she invites you to stop by and check it out. While you're there check out here very yummy looking blueberry bread recipe. I think I'll whip some up this week for breakfasts with yogurt.

Jessica is enjoying her new bicycle basket for trips to the Farmer's Market and places around town. Last week she made up some beautiful veggies and Quinoa, plus she scored a box of peaches to be enjoyed this week. I'm sure we'll see photos when she's done with her creation! Looks yummy, Jessica!

We enjoyed some of the best seafood around while visiting the Oregon Coast. Unfortunately photos were not at the top of the list by the time we got the food near enough to our mouths to devour it. My favorite thing was the giant tuna fish sandwich I ordered at our first seafood stop. I've never tasted tuna like that before. I almost paid the $120 for a case of the gorgeous stuff, but I figured I'd be in trouble for that when I got home. We also had some really yummy fish and chips. Plus we stopped at a farm stand and bought loads of raspberries and blueberries to eat for snacks. It was all so yummy. Plus when I arrived home there was a ton of produce ready and waiting in the garden. You should have seen the smile on my face when I pulled this little baby out of the carrot row!
I know Carissa (Happy Stuff) and Sarah (Domestic Goddess) have both been busy preserving, which totally counts for local, so go stop by their blogs and see the beautiful bounty they'll be enjoying this winter. Also Meg at Knitting Knot had her first go of making Jam last week, which turned out beautifully. Check it out!

Next week is our last round-up!! I know everyone is busy, but I'd love it if we could have record numbers. Let's go out with a bang!!


  1. These all look great! I've fallen off the local challenge band wagon lately due to a lack of time to hit the farmers markets that I love so much!!! I'm hoping to be better this week!

  2. I am sad to have missed another week...but I am back home now...so we shall see!!! -S


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