The Good Stuff

Summer is certainly not letting us down around here. There's so much good stuff going on that I thought I'd better stop and take note.

My sewing machine is smokin' hot from working so hard lately. We've become pretty good friends, too. I've decided that we spend enough time together that I should name her. I think Patience is appropriate. Because she is patient with me when I try to rush and take short cuts, and because she's taught me a lot of patience. I'm working on a name for my seam ripper, too. But it won't be a nice name like Patience because I don't feel much love for my seam ripper. Only contempt. And plenty of it. But that's for another post.

My favorite good stuff:

1. One more Simplicity 3835. Okay...I lie. I actually made two. One white and this one. This is my go ahead and touch me with your "whatintheheckisonyourhands" mommy shirt. It hides things. Lots of things. I asked Hadley if she wanted a dress from it, but she said "no way". And made this really horrible face like I was crazy to even touch it. So I got the fabric for myself. I'm sorry if you have to see me more than once a week. You might hate this shirt by the end of the summer. I might hate this shirt by the end of the summer. But for .69 cents (yeah, really.) I figure I might as well wear it till it dies.2. My freezer full of three kinds of jam. Strawberry, raspberry, and apricot. My plan is to make yogurt and stir in a spoon full of jam for breakfasts. I know there is sugar in the jam, but no high fructose corn syrup, and I can make yogurt from local milk, making this an easy local breakfast option even mid-winter.
3. A lovely visit from my friend Jen and her little pumpkin, Isha. She brought these fab spices from Penzies spice store for my birthday. They are classing up my blah spice cabinet big time, and we had the ozark blend on our dinner tonight. Perfect!! Thanks, Jen!!
4. Completion of Simplicity!?! (NOT) 2931 (sort-of). Stefani over at Blue Yonder talked me into trying this pattern. She's smarter than I am. It took me days and lots of seam ripping and major altering of the neckline and the sleeves before I was happy with this shirt. I still feel a little contempt when I look at it. But wearing it? That's another story. I love it. It's light and airy and really comfortable. I'm glad I finished it. Next time I won't use a sheer fabric with two right sides. That will make things easier. 5. Getting my hands on my newest nephew Ezra!! My little sister Rebecca came to town unexpectedly yesterday, and we got some serious soft skinned baby love time. He's perfect! She looks great, and the girls are totally in love with Ezra. Me too.
6. The church down the street has a bell tower that chimes on the hour and plays a beautiful Carillon every day at noon. Hadley and I were walking to the dentist when the 11am bells rang and walking home under the shade of our neighborhood trees when the noon carillon sang it's song.

7. The bowl full of tomatoes from our very own vines waiting for me to make tomato pie.
8. The back entry to our house, freshly painted the perfect shade of green and adorned with some patchwork art... and a beautiful antique light shade.
9. Homemade banana ice cream topped with my strawberry jam and chocolate sauce for three. 10. Having a list so long you're afraid you might bore people if you don't stop going on about it.

I hope your summer is going well!!! Don't forget to e-mail your local food meals so I can enter you in the drawing for a really, really cool prize. You're gonna like it....


  1. Okay, I love this post and I officially want to come over and hang out for a few days (weeks?).

    Yay for Rebecca and little Ez being in town -- yay, yay, yay!

    Yay for homemade jam (I'm going to attempt this next week with strawberries from my market -- what recipe do you recommend?)

    Yay for Simplicity, Patience, patience, and the seam ripper! Good Looking shirts, my dear! And one at $.69 -- HOLY SMOKES...I'm impressed.

    And of course, yay for Jen and Isha coming for a visit and bringing new spices with them.

    PS yay also, for banana ice cream! save some for me...I'm on my way!

  2. I love that simplicity shirt-the 3835 pattern is totally addicting...and so is freezer jam. Tomorrow at the farmer's market I'm hoping to get my hands on some more berries-perhaps blueberries and make some more freezer jam.

  3. I agree...can I home and live with you? Everything looks so great...the sewing, the canning, the home-growing, and of course the baby! Glad that Jen and Isha have had a nice visit! I better get on the jam-wagon too! -S

  4. You are inspireing,Ilove reading your blog. I just started mine but i know it woun't be as inspireing as yours...:)
    Love aunt Karen

  5. Wow! Shirts and jam and babies and tomotaoes...all so very good.

  6. What a lovely entry! I do love that you named your sewing maching Patience. I may have to do the same with mine. Your creations (both food and fabric) are so lovely. It's always a treat to read your blog! Please enjoy some Jen and Isha time for me! I do miss her so!


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