Tennis Star

Hadley just finished tennis lessons! She practices in the back yard with her Daddy and is getting really good at smacking the ball hard enough to send him running for cover!! He's hoping this new love will stick so they can play together.


  1. What a champ! She looks so cute and tennis-y! -S

  2. Yay for tennis. I played all through high school and Joe and I smack the ball around a bit now. It's a great sport. And doesn't she look perfect with her little hat on.

  3. H,
    Can you believe you have a daughter with legs like those are long! I can't believe how big she is...she grew AGAIN!
    Stop that little will be taller than me in no time.
    P.S. Case and I want to play with you when we come for the family reunion...we have been practicing


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