Summer Fun

I took a lot of really great photos of the girls during the month of June. I don't have a lot to say about them, but wanted to share them and get them posted here on their "scrap book". You'll notice some duplicates if you read my other blog, but that's because I want the girls to have their own "book" complete with the memories that are special to them.

Father's Day fun with cousin Cash
Remember this sweet face for when you see the next photo...

This is what happens when I do something besides entertain Amelia. In this case there was laundry going on. And apparently some Cheerio fun as well...

One of Hadley and Amelia's favorite activities. Hadley sits on back and pedals while Amelia hangs on and squeals with delight! This isn't a particularly "sqeal-y" face for Amelia, but that's just because she saw the camera and proceeded to abort trike riding mission and come after me immediately after this photo was taken.

Hadley at Lake Payette. June 2008

Amelia at Lake Payette. June 2008

The gang sitting in front of the Brundage Bungalows.

Like Mother , Like Daughter. Hadley had a blast taking pictures with her very own camera. She got a disposable one in and "adventure pack" from Aunt Lisa. The pack is one of the best gift ideas ever. Hadley toted all the contents with her the whole time we were gone. Mini fan, camera, whistle and compas, bug spray and a little lantern all packed up nice and tidy in a little back pack! Thanks, Aunt Lisa.

Daddy and his girls on our hike through the Lilly Marsh trail.


  1. Great photos and what a fun way to capture the summer of 2008 in your little girls' lives.

    I especially love the photo of the two of them on the trike, in their matching adorable Mom-made outfits. The look on their faces and what they are doing, reminds me of numerous photos of me and Heidi as little girls. Thanks for sharing. And here's to SISTERS!

  2. I love the picture of three little monkeys jumpin' on the bed! And, oh dear to those cheerios! -S


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