Meeting Marley Jane

Just 16 months ago my little Hadley was the sole grandchild on my side of the family. She was loved by many (still is) and catered to by all(not so much anymore).

Poor little princess has been de-throned. Totally trumped by the introduction of 5 more grandchildren in just a few short months. Yep 5. Everybody got busy. Really busy.

Cash came first...followed immediately by Amelia. Then little Eli showed up a few months later. After that there was a tiny lull before Ezra... and finally Marley. Now we have six grand babies in our family. Hadley's actually pretty happy about all this growth. Family time is a lot less boring since all the cousins showed up.

The past two days we spent some time getting to know Marley Jane (did you know my middle name is Jane? After my paternal grandmother Hattie Jane?). Cousin time is good fun. Amelia could not keep her hands off that soft, sweet hair. She touched her lovingly every time she walked by. Leaning in slowly to give gentle kisses and hugs.

Hadley felt all grown up holding Marley by herself. As the oldest of 36 grandchildren I know how exciting it is to hold a new baby cousin. I always loved going to visit my aunts and uncles and playing with their little ones. Now the next generation is rolling out, and it feels a little strange to be the Aunt instead of the cousin. Oh, sweet baby love. How welcome you are.


  1. Ah, babies, and growing families. Welcome little Marley Jane. Love her name, especially Jane -- one of my all time favorites :)


  2. What cute babies! That's a lot of cousins for your girls! How fun!


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