Mary Had a Little Lamb

We are now sitting squarely at six. Six grand babies all in a row. Well except for Hadley. She has waited a long time for fellow cousins. She'll never complain about that again! And it's even. 3 girls and 3 boys.

My sister-in-law Mary had her little baby girl. She is baby "J" for now because they can't decide on a name just yet (apparantly we have a trend going with this in our family). A good blogger would have remembered to take a camera to document such an event. But I'm me. It was all I could do to get out the door with both girls and the little lamb we delivered. And this isn't even the actual lamb I delivered. This one went to Isha on her first birthday. I made another one that is slightly different and this time I stuffed it with lavender so little Baby J will sleep well. That's the hope anyway.
Amelia could hardly keep her hands off the lamb. She barely let me sew up the belly before she was pulling it away from me. Squishing and loving it up. Miraculously she handed it right over to Mary when we got to the hospital, though. And you should have seen Amelia "petting" Baby J. That child is beautiful, so I hope you get to see her soon.

Once we got home Hadley pointed out that I have now given away two lambs and she still doesn't have one for herself. I'm guessing that both my girls will be needing their own lambs sometime soon. After all Isabella needs a friend!


  1. cute lammy! ezzy wants one :)
    he likes his bird tho...
    and somebody has got to get a picture of baby j-- i'm dying to see her!

  2. are the pictures??


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