Gone Soft

Maybe it's the heat, or the late night blogging, or the endless summertime bickering my girls are engaging in. Who knows. But I've gone soft in the head. I know that for sure.

I was wondering as I posted my food for last week's challenge where my bada-bing was. I just knew there was something better, but I couldn't think of it. And then it hit me. I walked past the empty pie plate sitting on the counter and I remembered the Fourth of July feast. You mean the one I spent all afternoon preparing?! Yeah. That one.

As soon as I heard the temps were going to rise to 106 degrees last week I headed straight for the library, Hadley and I checked out a mighty stack of books, and we spent some time in doors. I know, wimpy us. It isn't even humid here. In the stack was a great assortment of summer eating pleasure books and a little bit of crafting. The book I turned to first was the Joy of Cooking All About Pies and Tarts. I 'd had this 2.5 pound bag of pie cherries in my fridge for 2 weeks by this point, and I certainly didn't want them to go to waste. I also didn't want to mess them up. The tiny little things took 2 hours to clean and pit...for pity sakes. So I read up on the best method for making pie crust and sour cherry filling. This book did not disappoint. The pie was a huge hit! A once a year hit for sure. But a hit none the less. So that was the centerpiece of our local meal.

We accompanied it with lemon-garlic lamb skewers (lamb raised just down the street from my Dad's house) a green salad from my garden and rosemary roasted potatoes from the New Hope farmer at my Saturday market. We had to crank the air conditioner up for this day. Totally worth it. I'm not normally a fan of lamb, but the lemon word sucked me in and this recipe is so yummy. If you ever have a chance to use it I think you'll be pleased. I can't remember where I got the recipe originally. I made it a few times last year and then lost the recipe. This year I had to make it up so who knows how close it was to the original. This is what I'll use from now on, though. We all loved it. (BTW...I'm calling lemon a "spice". I know. Cheater!!)

Lemon-garlic Lamb Kebabs
serves 4
2 pounds boneless leg of lamb, cubed in 1.5 inch pieces
1 large garlic clove, crushed
juice of one lemon (plus an extra lemon for grilling and yogurt sauce)
1-2 t salt
freshly cracked black pepper to taste

Place all of this in a zip lock bag and squish it around. Let marinate in the fridge for between 30 minutes and a few hours.

Alternate lamb cubes with thin slices of lemon (reserve a quarter of the lemon for the yogurt sauce) on the soaked skewers while the grill is pre-heating. Grill for 3-4 minutes on each side, testing for done-ness. (I do two pieces of lamb for every lemon slice.)

Mix 3/4 cup of plain yogurt with the juice of a quarter of a lemon and some salt (to taste) and black pepper. Serve with grilled kebabs.


We'll let you know how the other books fare. I'm excited for the deviled eggs book. And the pizza book. And the ice cream book. Do you think I like food?


  1. that pie looks SOOOOOOOO freakin' good. i wish i was there to partake!

  2. YUMMY!!! And all of those books look so great! What fun! -S

  3. Heather -- that pie is simply beautiful! I want the recipe. Joe's parents are coming to town next weekend and I always make them a pie -- this one, with the gorgeous top crust will beat the band.

    And your big pile of books all about crafting, food, ICE CREAM, and photography makes me want to come over!

  4. I have a recipe for lamb kabobs that sounds really good, it even has a lemon and feta dipping sauce, but I haven't made them yet because it isn't easy getting lamb around here. The only lamb at the store is a 6lb leg of lamb for $50
    Maybe there will be some at the farmer's market.

    You will have to let me know if you find any good deviled egg recipes in your book. We are reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle for my book club (my choice this month, big surprise!) and I am going to make all local food and get some local wine for us to enjoy. Since local eggs are easy to get I had planned on making deviled eggs. Yum.

    BTW the pie looks amazing. Almost to pretty to eat.

  5. Yummy! I'm going to the farmer's market Saturday morning and there's usually a vendor selling lamb there, so I'll have to pick some up and try this recipe. It sounds so good!

  6. That pie looks fabulous and I don't even like cherries! I love all your great summer reading. It's really inspiring me to get in the kitchen more this summer despite the heat!


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