Go Local--Week 8 Round-Up

I guess I don't know how to use the Auto Posting Feature blogger offers. I'm just home from camping and alas....no post for the round up. I'm pretty sure I figured out my mistake, but I don't think I'll try it that way again. Sorry for the delay, and Happy Friday!! Here is what should have posted while I was away.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Or should I say BLITZ!!!

Once again I have over-filled my little plate here and I am frantically typing just 45 minutes before we are to leave town. So you are going to get links and a few e-mail descriptions this time on the local meals that were prepared this week. And I feel horrible because your meals deserve so much more than this lousy description, but here goes:

Here in Idaho we enjoyed...no loved our stuffed zucchini dinner. All local ingredients except for the cous cous we paired with it. If I could have found some local rice I would have gladly used that and maybe next time I'll try using bread as a filler. We also ate grilled pizza and mixed berry muffins this week. Both wonderful.

Holli is here.

Sara K. is here.

Stephanie is here.

And I'm guessing Jessica will have a meal posted as well, but I forgot to send her the e-mail so go check out her blog!!

I received e-mails from Jan and Tracey, Juanita and Meg.

I totally cannot find Jan's e-mail. I'm so sorry Jan!!! I know it was a meal shared with her daughter Tracey from the Moscow farmer's market and it included all sorts of yummy vegetables, bread and salmon from Alaska. It left me wishing I could get up there for the market sometime this summer.

Meg said:

"I tried a few local meals (or somewhat local) this week. Actually, I started with a few side dishes. With our fingerling potatoes from our organic delivery service (from a farm in Washington, not sure where) I tried a new reciepie from Cooking Light called Fingerling Potao Salad with Gremolata Dressing. Didn't get a picture as we were starving by the time I finished dinner. I also made steamed veggies (all local from the delivery service) with brown rice and marinated tofu (not local).

But our big local meal was Friday night. I hit the Phinney Ridge Farmers Market after work and got our entire meal. Here's what we had:

-Beef Rib Eye from Olsen Farms in Colville, WA which Matt BBQ'ed for us
- Lettuce from Carnation,WA mixed with the lettuce from my container garden and carrots from our delivery service from another WA farm
- Fingerling and red potato also from Carnation, WA
- Bread from the Essential Bakery in Seattle
- a glass (or two!) of Reisling from Chateau St. Michelle in Woodinville, WA

I also bought two pints of blueberries and rasperberries that we've been snacking on all weekend! Looking forward to doing more local cooking!"

And Juanita and her family ate:

Homemade flour tortillas from Rita's (Nampa, ID)
Ground beef (friend's farm Greenleaf, ID)
onions, garlic, carrots (Nampa Farmer's Market)
homemade salsa (friend's garden ingredients Nampa, ID)

This is so cool.....we've had several partially local meals as well from stir
fry to Indian chicken....by the way, any local chicken sources with reasonable
prices? I know a couple but they are pretty spendy.

She's noticed the same thing I have in that local chicken is totally outrageous. I wish I could have been more help on this.

I'll be back next week with a tutorial for a pinata and some pictures of a few projects I've just completed!

Enjoy the sun...


  1. I missed making a local meal for this round up, but I have been cooking local all week and I can't wait to share it all with you. BTW this week is farmer's market week. VA is doing it's own local eating challenge. If you make a video of your local meals you can win a prize. I wish I would have known that before this week. I may still give it a try even if it is just one meal.

    My mom want to go to the farmer' market that is in Nampa. I told her I would get the info from you. Maybe you can meet up with them if you plan on going.

    Glad you are back. I hope you had a good time.


  2. I hope you had a great trip! I haven't quite figured out how to use the auto post feature yet either! I did make a summer soup with veggies from my favorite farmer's market and it was yummy. Today I used my local, organic eggs while baking like a mad woman and everything just tastes BETTER!!! I'm heading off to see what everyone else made to get inspired for this week's local meal.

  3. you know, when i first bought local chicken, i was appalled at the price too. Then, as I read more about how other "conventionally raised" chickens are treated, what they are fed, and in general how miserable they are, I began to think more about why those chickens are cheap and realized that maybe I was okay with paying a little more for a chicken that lived an un-tortured life. Yeah, it may seem completely splurgy to serve 4 (or more) whole chicken breasts at a meal when the cost so much, but if you realize that two whole chickens had to be raised and give their lives for that one meal, then you begin to be more aware of the true costs of what you're eating. the higher prices help to keep me conscious of the amount of work (raising chickens, etc.) that really goes into putting food on my table. PLUS, the last time that I bought a roasting hen, it weighed 7 pounds (that's HUGE!) and I couldn't believe the amount of meat that came off of that bird. I cooked it and shredded the meat to use in soups, casseroles, sandwiches, etc. That one bird will probably make at least 10 meals. When you consider that I paid $21 for a chicken, that's really only $2 a meal and that's not outrageous at all.


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