Go Local-Week 7 Round-up

Oh boy!! We have two new foodies to introduce this week. This brings our group to a total of 20!! That is very cool indeed. Welcome Megan of Knitting Knot and Juanita (my neighbor and fellow market shopper). We're glad you are here.

I sure hope I'm not forgetting anyone. This week we're going in reverse alphabetical order. Just to mix things up. (All photos courtesy of the person they are posted under...thanks for sharing!)

Stephanie and Her Mom, Jan ate a festive meal of yummy nachos using the local chips they found at my favorite farm stand market. They topped their nachos with local cheddar (again, from Karcher) shredded lettuce, little tiny tomatoes and some yummy cilantro all from Jan's garden. We love nachos around here, too!!

Foodies Shawn and Sara kept up expectations again this week with their giant pot of gorgeous spaghetti sauce, local corn, and the most beautiful loaf of pumpernickel bread. Check it out here.
Paige over at Funny Magic got busy squirting Ready Whip....uh, I mean shelling peas and making pesto for a yummy dinner of pesto, pea pasta. They rounded things out with some mighty fine looking berry compote over angel food cake. And then they had a whipped cream fight. (kidding)
Michelle has been very busy taking care of her little chicks and building them a house! You can see photos of her very yummy meal and the chick's house right here. They have been eating lots of local food, but her favorite meal was a halibut salad with all kinds of amazing additions. Looks sooo yummy. I need to find some local fish.

Lauriel and Andrew
enjoyed steamy bowls of summer fresh veggies and ground beef for dinner. They were concerned that this might not count for the challenge!! Not cheating at all, my friends. The simpler...the better in the summer time.

Our new friend Juanita and I ran into each other at the Farmer's Market this week as she was scouting out her local food finds for an incredible sounding African feast. She changed her normal recipe to accommodate the seasons and said this in her e-mail:

"I made an African sauce that I frequently make but with a twist and some
substitutes to accommodate the season.

Grilled cube steak from our friend's farm (Greenleaf, ID)
Onions, swiss chard, carrots, garlic from Nampa Farmer's Market
Canned tomatoes from a friend's garden (Boise, ID)
Kidney beans from a friend's farm (Nampa, ID)
chile, cumin, salt (non local)

Rabiou said, "I like it better this way than with spinach." .....and he's the
African..... :)"

Thanks for sharing Juanita!

Jessica from Turkey Cookies is not messing around. She's totally inspired by Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and she's getting after it. She dined at a local foods restaurant, enjoyed her local yogurt breakfasts, and a delightful chicken salad supper. Plus there was some serious jam action going on. Read all about it!!

Holli never disappoints with her deliciousness and this week is no exception. They went all out with a cherry pie and a delightful pesto pasta. Some great photos can be seen coming out of her new camera, so you'll want to visit her blog for more.

And here we are still chugging along with our mostly local meals most days. Just like the rest of you! I am loving this challenge and the community of inspiration you have all become. I still struggle with grains as whole wheat flour is the only thing I have found so far. But meat, veg, fruits and potatoes are abundant. We've also been eating a ton of beans and local corn and flour tortillas (and chips). I'm sure the tortillas are not local ingredient based, but DANG, they are good food, and they are made in a tiny little bakery about 3 blocks from my house. We walk there to buy them and the Mexican Popsicles and pastries they sell. Those days are happy days. So...yada, yada, yada.

Here's my official local dinner:

T-bone steak (Dad's freezer full of Dad's friend's beef...Nampa, ID)
Roasted Red Potatoes (New Hope Garden, Caldwell, ID)
Sauteed Beet Greens (New Hope Garden, Caldwell,ID)
Fresh Red Raspberries (Meridian, ID)

Homemade Mixed Berry Pie (Fancy Pickins Melba, ID)

What a fantastic week! I have 9 names going in the hat for the drawing this week. They are:

1. Holli
2. Jan
3. Jessica
4. Juanita
5. Lauriel
6. Michelle
7. Paige
8. Sara K.
9. Stephanie

I plan to share the winner and the winning prize info with you later tonight and maybe tomorrow. A give away on my birthday would be pretty fun!! (but it's slated to be a busy day, so I may not make it over here...if not today or tomorrow...certainly on Wednesday. Stay tuned!)


  1. Hey Lady! I'm so happy we've got a few new Go Local-ers! Your meals sound great and I'm very excited about the give away.

    Hope your birthday is peaceful and joyful...and most importantly -- ALL ABOUT YOU!


  2. This is so much fun - I love reading about everyone's meals and local foods and visiting "new-to-me" blogs.
    Have a very happy birthday!!

  3. Berry pie! Tasty eats at your house!!! -S

    Good to see Megs in the mix too! I am trying to get a Portland friend to join us as well.

  4. It all sounds so delish! I can't wait to make my first meal!


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