Go Local! Week 6 Round Up

Please forgive the delay in this posting today. I meant to have it here earlier, but Amelia had other plans. And her plans count for more than mine. Plus there was raspberry jam to make!! More on that later.

Week 6 was a flourish of activity. I'll just go alphabetically since that's how things are lined up for me in my spreadsheet. And you all know how I feel about my spreadsheet.

Here in Idaho we ate like kings and queens. Feasting locally for 70% of our meals. Two were totally local so I'll share them.

Meal 1:
roast beef (My Dad's neighbor's grass fed cow)
Roasted New Red Potatoes (Hopes Door Garden, Caldwell, ID)
Kohlrabi (Cabala Orchard, Kuna, ID)
Baby Carrots (Scott's Produce, Nampa, ID)
All of the above went in the crock pot for about 6 hours and came out tasting just so yummy. I especially loved the kohlrabi, sort of a cabbage like taste, but very mild.
for dessert:
leftover Cherry pie from the 4th of July (my neighbor's pie cherries from her tree)

Meal 2:
Breakfast of Juevos Rancheros using:
Farm Fresh Eggs (from Farmer Gray, Nampa, ID)
Corn Tortillas (Casa Valdez, Caldwell, ID)
My homemade blender salsa (local tomatoes, onions, garlic and cilantro...non-local lime)

We ate it all too fast to take pictures. Sorry guys!!

Holli used Sarah's grilled pizza from last week for inspiration when she and Joe feasted on homemade pizza with fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella. She also used fresh greens for a salad to round things out. Joe wants Holli to start making pizza once a week!! Good idea, Joe.

Jan had a serious feast after visiting