Go Local Week 5 Round-Up

Summer is heating up and with it the meals on your tables are getting hot!! Way to go local eaters. Every day I'm more excited about what we are working towards, and I thank you for joining me in my quest to Go Local!!

(photo courtesy of Holli)
Holli has this thing down to the mile over on Feeding the Big Guy. She delighted the senses with a trip down memory lane as they enjoyed a Caprese Salad hailing from their recent trip to Italy. There were delightful accompaniments as well. Check them out (with recipes) here.

Jen freaked her husband out completely this week by stuffing bell peppers with gorgeous whole grains and cheese and topping them off with some more of her yummy marinara sauce from last week. They also enjoyed corn, green beans, and cucumbers. Baby Isha loved the corn!! Jen's digging deep to find local meats so she can put the smile back on Jai's face. Good luck with your quest, Jen. Oh, and you'll envy her dessert of juicy nectarines and local creamery ice cream from a post or two before the dinner. Drool!!

Shawn and Sara enjoyed one of my all time southern favorites this week when they made fried green tomatoes. That was the first thing we made when we grew our garden in Arkansas. I think I feel it coming on again here, too. They paired their meal with a feast including local yukon gold potatoes and local raised beef meatloaf. There was a delightful looking stir fry in there, too.

Here in the desert we are finally starting to see some variety with carrots, cucumbers and zucchini showing up at my local Farmer's Market as well as the ranch store I found last week(!!!). We stocked up on all kinds of things and had a lot of almost local meals. I still don't have anything 100% local to share, which has me feeling a little lame. But I'm spending most of our food budget on local foods and products as well as a lot of time in my continued search for local cheese and grains. It seams the biggest struggle is finding ways to get protein without eating meat. The meat we are eating is local, but the non-meat meals always seem to need something from somewhere else to fill us up (pasta, tofu, cheese, rice, etc.). So long story short this week we had:

lovely roasted veggie foccacia bread dinner with
- home made foccacia (non-local ingredients)
- local roasted onion, zucchini, crookneck squash (Karcher ranch market)
-Fresh basil and oregano (my garden)
-Cherry and blueberry fruit salad (cherries from the Farmer's Market and Blueberry's from The Berry Ranch)
We also had more eggs with local veggies and homemade bread with my strawberry jam and another round of that incredible tofu veggie stir fry with all local veggies and non-local tofu and noodles.

Wanna make pizza, but don't want your house to get all hot and bothered?
(photo courtesy of Sarah)
Just when I was wondering about this inventive outdoor method of grilling pizza, my friend Sarah posted a little tutorial on her blog. They topped their pizza with fresh mozzarella, basil and tomatoes. I can't believe they didn't invite me over. Maybe next time. (I'm just joking here...they live in Indiana.) Wish you knew how to grill your pizza? Check this out!!

Lauriel learned an important lesson this week as she and her husband, Andrew, took on the task of strawberry jam. They'll never use bottled lemon juice in this process again!! I'm glad I know the dastardly results it can bring, and I encouraged her to share with all of you as well. It's a lot of work to harvest and preserve food. When things don't turn out it can be heartbreaking. But they did have a lot of fun(and only had this problem with one batch) plus they ate a lot of strawberry shortcake with friends, so really, they win!! Enjoy your jam.

Lindsay and Eli headed for the border with a visit down south for week 5. I can't believe how cheap produce is down there!! You won't believe what $10 bucks can buy you. And I thought I had it good. So she stocked up and made little Eli some serious grub for the freezer. Plus they chowed down a gorgeous looking watermelon. Looks like a great time to me!! Check it out here.

Okay...so we fell slightly short of my goal for 12 participants this week. I forgot about the holiday...I know we can do it for next week. I just know we can!!! Plus I think (cross your fingers) we may be adding another local foodie named Jessica!! She's totally engrossed in reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and loving it. Plus, she's already a local gatherer at heart. So go visit her over at Turkey Cookies and welcome her to our little tribe!! We're up to 18 now. That makes my heart sing.

Thanks you guys!! I can't wait for next week.


  1. Scrummy! Scrumptious + yummy = scrummy!!! Go locovores!!! -S

  2. I think spending most of your food budget on local stuff, and paying attention to the things you buy and where you buy them from, trumps a non-100% local meal every time! You're doing good work. Think of it like this: if your 21 meals each week are 75% local, that's like 1575% of local goodness!

    I kid. I'm in English, but I'm not THAT lousy at math...

    But the point stands. :)

  3. Count me in!!!!! I am so excited to join in and celebrate local goodness!

  4. I know it isn't local, but we have been eating quinoa for some added protein. Isha loves the stuff. I made a curried quinoa pilaf and it was awesome. You could always add lots of local veggies!


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