Go Local--Week 4 Round-up

There were some very fine meals hitting tables last week! I wish I could travel around the country to eat with you all! We have such diverse access to local ingredients.

Carissa is eating a pretty steady stream of local foods these days! Their table was full of partial meals featuring wonderful, fresh foods. Her most local meal looked like this: Tonight I enjoyed some delicious fresh farmer's market green beans, tomatoes and green onions, with somewhat local butter and feta cheese and not-so-local lime juice (i was out of lemons and citrus does not grow much in Wisconsin) and salt and pepper. I garnished this dish with a side of homemade pickled beets (the beets were also from the farmer's market) and for dessert I enjoyed local strawberries over not-so-local vanilla ice cream and a squirt of mass-produced chocolate syrup. Visit her blog for more delicious ideas including homemade tortillas.

I've spent the better part of the week sourcing things like dairy and grains. Not an easy task. I finally hit the jackpot yesterday when I stopped by a farm stand market to look at some local cheese I'd found on the internet (after about three hours of looking...not the best use of my time). When I arrived at the market I found TONS of local food including much less expensive milk and shelves upon shelves of local dried beans and fresh produce. I also found local tortilla chips and corn tortillas, which I'll be going back for. For my meals this week we had to add in some non-local ingredients to supplement our local bounty. We came up with taco salad featuring our first home grown tomato for the year. We used local lettuce, green onion, and white beans from the farmer's market. We added some non-local tortilla chips and sour cream to round things out. The second meal we devoured was a stir fry. We used farmer's market snow peas and bok choy with non-local buckwheat soba noodles and tofu. This was the best stir fry recipe I have ever had. The recipe came from Simply in Season. (Holli will be featuring it on her blog because they tried it and loved it too) We also picked blueberries. Picking blueberries is not as fun as picking strawberries. I didn't take pictures, but I did make blueberry coffee cake and blueberry pancakes and local eggs for breakfast. That was fun.

I seriously had to drool over Holli's fresh tomato tart for this week. Are you kidding me? I have to have some of that! Now that they're back from Italy she's going gangbusters with this local challenge. As soon as I find local goat cheese and butter I'm in. Rosemary crust people!! Go check it out, quick!

Jen came up with a very creative and delish way to make the most of her local tomatoes with a fresh, home made spaghetti sauce! I love spaghetti and I can't wait until my bumper crop of tomatoes ripens so I can snag that recipe from her and make it myself.

Lauriel is making my mouth water in a big way with her LOCAL tuna melt and accompaniments to die for. Like chocolate milk and fresh, gorgeous produce. Man oh man do I wish I lived closer to some Big Water. I really love tuna melts.

Sara K. and her husband, Shawn are really ramping things up now. They combined their farmer's market trip with their CSA goodies and came up with a gorgeous Broccoli and Garlic Scape frittata with fresh basil and a side of sauteed cabbage. They even took lots of gorgeous photos of their market experience. You'll want to get over to Pike Schemes and see what they have been up to.

Last but not least is our local Domestic Goddess, Sarah. She never disappoints with her meals, and she features them frequently on her blog, so you'll want to get over there for many recipes you're certain to enjoy. This week she made something I know I'd love when she served up a sausage-asparagus skillet for dinner. Gotta love those one pot wonders. Yum!!

We added a new local foodie when Sydnee decided to join in the fun! Welcome, Sydnee. We can't wait to see what you come up with.

I've also decided to start posting the round up on Mondays after the conclusion of a week. Wednesday just seems to be too far into the week, and most of you are e-mailing me well in advance of Monday anyway.

A huge thanks to Holli, organization queen of the world, for helping me set up a spread sheet to keep all of this organized! I'll be sending out a news e-mail here later today or tomorrow, so watch for that.

Let's see if we can hit 12 participants for next week!!! Come on team, we can do it!!!! Go Local!!!


  1. Yay for Going Local! Joe and I have been eating local all week, and it feels great. It's hard to pick just one meal for my final submission. Thanks for the inspiration, Heather, and for connecting me to so many other cool foodies around the country!


  2. That is so cool that you had to make a spreadsheet just to keep track of all of us!! I am having a blast doing this and I am so glad you have inspired all of us to GO LOCAL!

  3. I love seeing all of these yummy local meals. Thanks, Heather, for continuing to inspire us!

    Too bad we don't live closer. I'd pick all the blueberries you'd want if you'd just pick those strawberries...

  4. Such tastiness!! Thanks for connecting us all! -S


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