Dang Diggity

I biffed. Even with my spread sheet I somehow managed to neglect our foodie friends at Pike Schemes in this week's round up. I'm so sorry Shawn and Sara!!

They feasted this week. They not only enjoyed one local meal, they enjoyed three! And every one of them looks so fantastic. I mean really, really good stuff here, people. Here's the low down, but really, you should go check out this link!!(Photo courtesy of Shawn and Sara. This is the apricot pork chops meal...with local zinnias in the background)

Meal 1: apricot pork chops, broccoli, and fried green tomatoes
Meal 2: leftover meatloaf sandwich on local sourdough bread with a side of sauteed zucchini
meal 3: southwest chicken soup using homemade chicken stock

I know! You want to go visit, don't you?!!

Once again, I am so sorry I forgot this amazing spread in the round-up. If I ever forget any one else...PLEASE e-mail me or let me know!!!


  1. I'm just loving the local round-ups! Yumminess abounds!

  2. Thanks H - I was worried that we didn't connect. And you know how much I appreciate the hard work you do to keep us all rounded up and together! -S


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